ALL IN: Part One

Sam Cohen and Corey Felton discover that the best days are never planned

ALL IN captures the dedication and commitment required to discover the right place at the right time. Some may call it luck, while others recognize that fortunes are nurtured by preparation and perseverance. Ultimately success or failure boils down to a few precious moments in time when you are allowed to follow your instinct and commit. Suddenly there is no turning back and the decision has been make to go ALL IN. Great skiing, artfully shot—worth the watch.

ALL IN Part 1 follows Sam Cohen and Corey Felton as they discover the best days are never planned. Warmer than normal temperatures during the 2014-15 season forced the crew to abandon the Powder Highway and search for higher elevation in a remote corner of the Idaho backcountry. Finding stable conditions in an otherwise notoriously volatile snowpack, the crew tackles a number of legitimate big mountain descents. “This is all part of the process," admits Sam Cohen, “…you got to work your way up the ladder, cause every turn is training for Alaska.”