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    DECEMBER 2016

    Are we skiers by nature, or nurture? In China, the country’s first generation of skiers are using the sport to discover their identity and a new frontier. What kind of skiers would we be without the moms who raised us? A place to call home is harder than ever to find in ski towns across the country. Ten years after her husband's death, Emily Coombs has rebuilt her life around bringing low-income children into the ski community. And a band of merry skiers keeps a 20-plus year tradition going strong in California's High Sierra. The December 2016 issue of POWDER is on newsstands now.

  • Skiing in China

    PAGE 80


    By Kade Krichko
    China's first generation of skiers is using
    the sport to discover their identity and a new frontier.
    Ski Moms

    PAGE 94

    A Mother's Nature

    By Sierra Davis
    A tribute to the women who made us skiers.
    Snowy street in a ski town

    PAGE 102


    By Megan Michelson
    Affordable housing in ski towns is gone.
    Can resort communities stop the crisis from running locals out of town?
    Emily Coombs and kids learning to ski

    PAGE 68


    By Matt Hansen
    Once a globe-trotting steep skier,
    Emily Coombs is now a catalyst for bringing diversity to the mountains.
    skiers in Bridgeport, California, around a campfire

    PAGE 60


    By Julie Brown
    Party skiing the classics in Bridgeport, California, the door to the High Sierra.

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