This winter has been far from normal here at Sugarloaf. Fluctuating between record cold streaks and record warmth, the year got off to a rocky start. Literally. Brown grass lined the drive along Route 27 for almost all of February and a dismal 12-inch snowpack wasn't covering much of the East Coast undergrowth. Even some of Sugarloaf's most optimistic locals were beginning to wonder if it was time to write this season off.

That is, until this past week rolled around.

In the last six days, two major Nor'Easters have blasted New England with snow. These storms typically bring heavy winds and brutal cold when they slam into the ‘Loaf, but it seems that Mother Nature was willing to finally cut us a break this time around. Each storm delivered two feet of fluffy, blower powder without a hint of wind, allowing it to stack vertically on trails we only dream of skiing pow on. Even the woods managed to go from zero to hero coverage, giving us hope that this year may not be so bad after all. It's been an all-time few days (for those of us that ski, at least…) and rumors are already swirling about another storm next week. Whatever happens, miracle March has finally delivered, and we're thankful for that. —Jamie Walter

PHOTO: Jamie Walter

Henry Bonneau’s palpable excitement for freshies manifested itself in his massive hop turns. PHOTO: Jamie Walter

Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, BOOM. Ben Leoni is in there somewhere. PHOTO: Jamie Walter

Nobody at Sugarloaf does it better. Matt Tinker getting absolutely pitted in the trees. PHOTO: Jamie Walter

After the second storm dropped another two feet of snow in less than a week, the chair-to-ground clearance of Skyline was awfully low. PHOTO: Jamie Walter

Calli DeGrace skis harder than you do, even after her graveyard shift. PHOTO: Jamie Walter

Ben Leoni, slashin’ through the first storm’s goodies. PHOTO: Jamie Walter

Ben Leoni finds the goods next to the heavily rimed trees of Gondi Line. PHOTO: Jamie Walter

Matt Tinker drops into a go-to stash. PHOTO: Jamie Walter