1. Storm Shuts Down Jackson Hole Resort
Jackson Hole Resort closed operations on Feb. 8, 2017, when snowfall and heavy winds knocked down more than a dozen utility poles. The snowfall tally from that day put 14 inches on top of 15 from the day before, which came on top of a foot of delicious cream-cheese graupel from the weekend. With that, Jackson Hole crossed the 400-inch mark for the season, an almost unheard of statistic for Western Wyoming at that point in the year.

2. A Forecast Predicting 15 Feet of Snow
“I'm not hyping a 20-foot storm this week, or a return to the glory days of 2011. I'm hyping the most insane forecast ever. But I did spend the afternoon organizing my shovel collection and chopping kindling.”

PHOTO: David Reddick

3. The Sudden, Tragic Death of a Midwestern Oasis
In the mid-1970s, Sugarloaf, Michigan, attracted 3,000 to 4,000 skiers a day–numbers that compete with all but the biggest ski areas. “The Loaf” was once the largest employer in Leelanau County. It wasn’t just the best place to ski in the state, it was the gem of the entire Midwest. But in March 2000, the lifts stopped spinning.

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4. Montana Peak Claims First Avalanche Fatality of the Season
After his girlfriend, climber Inge Perkins, was killed in an October avalanche in Montana, professional alpinist Hayden Kennedy took his own life in one of the most tragic stories of the year.

5. Squaw Valley Ski Patroller Killed

6. This short film by Mattias Evangelista shows one of the more unique takes on Japan we’ve ever seen.

7. Must Have Gear: The Big Dumps TI 5000
The latest in ski tech will change the way you experience the mountain

There goes the lodge… PHOTO: Mammoth Mountain

8. Mammoth and Tahoe have received 14 Feet of Snow
In this edit, shot by Mammoth locals Colin Farrell and Christie Osborne, the weather prevails over the skier.

9. Dirty Jokes for Chairlifts (NSFW)
What’s the difference between a chickpea and a garbanzo bean?

10. The Skis of the Year
The Powder Union skied hundreds of skis last winter. These were the best.

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11. Salomon Introduces New Tech Binding
Lightweight and simple to use, the MTN is a ‘no frills’ option for backcountry skiers. Then Salomon went and did this—nearly seven years in the making, Salomon revealed the touring binding that may replace your alpine binding.

Tele skiers lived happily until an AT meteor landed right on their merry little heads.
PHOTO: Karl Weatherly

12. Telemark Skiing Is Dead
The last story about telemark skiing, ever. (But based on how many of you read it… maybe we were wrong.)

13. The Skier Who Hasn't Seen Summer in 20 Years
Frank Coffey hasn’t seen summer in 20 years. As the snow-safety director of Chile’s Portillo and Colorado’s Crested Butte, Coffey is one of the most respected minds in avalanche safety, known by his fellow experts for his experience and humility.

14. This Is What the Ski Town Housing Crisis Looks Like
The housing issues that have plagued mountain towns for years are reaching crisis levels. It’s in part due to a boom in houses getting converted into lucrative Airbnb-style vacation homes, which eliminates those properties from the full-time rental market. As a result of the shortage, people are commuting farther to their jobs, some are left homeless and living in cars or tents, and others are giving up entirely and leaving the mountains for good.

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The Biggest Little City has Mount Rose, tech jobs, and all-you-can-eat sushi. Don’t worry, it still has slot machines, too. PHOTO: Ryan Salm

15. The Next American Ski Towns
Traditional ski towns are no longer affordable options for most skiers—these satellite ski communities are the new dream.

16. This Deep Winter is a Sign of Climate Change
It’s important to note that this year’s JanuBURIED and DEEPcember are not denials of climate change, they are reflections of it. It’s not normal. And it’s going to continue to be not normal in the face of unprecedented, human-induced global warming. As global temperatures continue to rise, one of the biggest markers of climate change will be increased variability.

17. How to Help Your Boyfriend Buy Skis
Since it's safe to assume your boyfriend is a beginner skier, he's going to need your help making what is a very personal decision. While it might save you time and the headache to make the decision for him, it's a nice gesture to include him in the process and make him feel supported in his purchase.