Winter Dew Tour: Snowbasin Superpipe Semifinals

Devin Logan and David Wise are at the top heading in to finals

Rosalind Groenewoud. Photo:

Sunny skies and warm weather at Snowbasin made for a spring-like feel at Snowbasin today for a day of Superpipe semifinals at the Winter Dew Tour Toyota Championships.

The ladies took a turn first. Devin Logan scored an 88.00, taking the top spot with a run that was defined by clean execution, huge amplitude and smooth grabs. She started with a straight air, followed by a left 540, flare, straight air, alley-oop 180, and left 720, ending her run with a switch 540. She will join Maddie Bowman and the rest of the top 5 semifinalists in tomorrow’s final at 5:00 p.m.

1. Devin Logan 88.00
2. Rosalind Groenewoud 86.50
3. Brita Sigourney 85.00
4. Ayana Onozuka 78.25
5. Anais Caradeux 75.50

Dave Wise. Photo:

As for the men, David Wise left no doubt in the judges mind that he should take the top spot in Men's Ski Superpipe semifinals this afternoon. Wise threw a switch left 720, right 900 tail to left 900 nosegrab, alley oop flat 540 tail capped with a huge left double cork 1260 tailgrab with undeniable amplitude to score a 95.00. The next closest finishers were Thomas Krief with an 89.00 and Gus Kenworthy with an 88.00. Top 10 finishers advance to Sunday’s finals.

1. David Wise- 95.00
2. Thomas Krief- 89.00
3. Gus Kenworthy- 88.00
4. Simon Dumont- 87.50
5. Matt Margetts- 87.00
6. Benoit Valentin- 86.50
7. Mike Riddle- 85.00
8. Tucker Perkins- 84.50
9. Josiah Wells- 82.50
10. AJ Kemppainen- 76.00