What’s Up, Ben Moxham?

By Ben Moxham
Published: January 19, 2011

My name is Ben Moxham and I’m a skier from Boise, Idaho. But for the last three seasons I've been living in Breckenridge, Colo. Did I mention I bought a sled this year? After competing in Dew Tour at Breck, I took my brother Zach out for the first time (sledding), on Vail Pass. We both had big smiles all day, giving high fives and whatnot. We flew out to Boise the next day and spent Christmas with the fam. And the next day I was super anxious to get up to my home mountain, Tamarack Resort, the place I grew up skiing.

Tamarack opened in 2004 with a promising future as a world-class ski resort: Robert Trent Jones signature golf course, Lake Cascade at the base for boating, fishing, and sailing. But after some money issues, four years later, they had to close. A year-and-a-half after that, homeowners came together to run the lifts once again! So in December it reopened, and I got to experience some of the best powder skiing I’ve had there.

Tamarack’s terrain is very versatile; mini golf lines, pillows, trees, and jump zones. Located in the Council Mountain range, the road to Tamarack goes all the way along the mountain. So if you go out of bounds and get lost—just ski right to the road and get a ride back from the shuttle. When I lived there I took advantage of the shuttle service a lot—ski out as far as I could off the summit, find epic new zones that no one else had ever skied, then call the shuttle for a ride back. Do it all over again. I had a lot of good times at this mountain. They made a really sick park too!—had the first 22 foot halfpipe in Idaho and a mile-long terrain park filled with jumps and rails. No other resort had that in Idaho at the time.

Coming back and skiing Tamarack again this year after being gone for awhile has really hit me because I didn’t realize what I had till I moved to Colorado. The towns of McCall and Donelly are close to the resort, but they're not very big mountain towns so there's never any waiting in lines or trouble finding untracked snow because most people there just ski the groomers.

When I arrived it hadn’t snowed in at least five days. But as soon as I got in it started dumping! The first storm brought two feet of snow and a couple of days later it started snowing hard again—36 inches in 3 days! The last day it was too deep to ski in some areas.

I also helped out with a freeride camp and taught kids how to ski pow and launch cliffs, which was great because usually I’m coaching kids park tricks. It was a nice change for sure. After the camp I had one day left in Idaho before I left for Tahoe. I decided to shred Tamarack once more with my brother. Bluebird skies and fresh snow all day long.

Then a sick weekend competing in the North Face Open at Northstar; I placed fifth and walked away with 500 bucks! Now I’m off to Idaho to do some B.C. filming with some friends and a couple of sleds. More fresh snow on the way!