What Is Paddy Graham DoING?

Reading about “swords and medieval shit,” apparently.


InterviewING: by Mike Rogge

I just watched Marley. I'm not too in to reggae, but Bob Marley is more than just the music. It was very inspirational, more of a documentary about his life and music. It's sad he's not around today; maybe the world would be a little different.

I'm reading The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band. It's about Motley Crüe—basically all the things you want to know about the most outrageous rock band ever. The stories in there are insane…was every rock star of the '70s and '80s on heroin? It gets really into their personal lives, too, it’s not just band talk, so if you want the dirt on the four of them it’s an entertaining read. Recently, I read the Keith Richards autobiography and before that The Hobbit. I’m pretty into swords and medieval shit. I’d like to start on Game of Thrones.

I’d like to convince you that I stay fit and healthy outside skiing. It’s not a complete lie, but I’m not in the gym everyday. I like biking, hiking (the mountains around Innsbruck, Austria, are amazing), our new summer game of table tennis and trampolining. So long as it’s not raining I try to be out with the boys. [Photographer] Pally Learmond lives close by so we get up to some good old English rambling when we can—he’s all about that.

Aside from the obvious ski-related websites I spend a lot of time on Facebook. BBC News is always something I look at to see what's going wrong in the world. probably the greatest website I visit is shockmansion.com. It's full of funny stuff, tattoos, scantily clad women, and extreme sports.


Last night I got some trainers for the gym as I’m currently getting worked by the High Performance Team at Red Bull UK. There’s a bunch of athletes here, like Ryan Doyle and Danny MacAskill: Ryan does parkour and Danny does street trials. It's epic. It’s really cool to meet other athletes outside snowsports and very entertaining to see people’s strengths and to learn things from their sports to help with skiing.

EatING and DrinkING
Healthy food is a must, although it's hard to find on the road most the time. I like avocados, feta, wholegrain pasta, and in the summer some good ol’ BBQ’s! There’s a hog roast going down at the Legs of Steel house this weekend—I can’t wait. Being from England, I love a good cuppa (tea) and a cold Guinness. A few hundred meters from our house there’s a fresh milk machine, which is great on my morning cereal.


Last Friday there was a birthday party for the infamous Teddy Berr (he's the one that did the naked superman frontflip at Nine Knights). It was at the Aftershave in Innsbruck—a cool club, some old school rap on the turntables and a naked Teddy, entertaining evening.

I don’t have Twitter… Instagram and Facebook is enough for me, I just deleted my Myspace.

Ghost – Opus Eponymous: they're a band from Sweden, not too heavy but some heavy lyrics for some, devil music you may say.
Metallica LIVE – Black Album with Bene Mayr, Lolo Favre and LOS filmer Andre Nutini, EPIC.
Jay-Z and Kanye – Everyone one likes Jay-Z and Kanye.
I also listen to some Rolling Stones from the book Influence and a British band called Jett Black. Their second album is Raining Rock. You got to check that out.

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