What is Ian MacIntosh DoING?

Skydiving and organic gardening: Inside Ian MacIntosh’s summer.

Skydiving in Pemberton. PHOTO: IAN MACINTOSH


This summer, we asked athletes what they're up to, and what's been catching their eyes, ears, stomachs, and hearts. Here’s what Ian Mac had to say. You can check out Matt Walker's answers here.

Well I live in Pemberton and we don’t have a movie theater so I rarely see new releases. Last night I watched Office Space, which I’ve seen a few times before. I’m sure most readers have seen this flick but if you haven’t then you’re missing out big time.


I’m reading a book called Alpine Climbing: Techniques to Take You Higher by Mark Houston. Obviously it's a book about alpine climbing and it’s full of tons of great info, stories, and techniques for taking on big alpine climbs. I’m not a huge reader so it’s important for me to have a book that is about something I’m super interested in, otherwise I just get ADD. I most often read magazines like POWDER, Surf, Bike, and basically anything that has some sort of relevance to the activities I enjoy.


I love to mountain bike, skydive, and surf. Fortunately for me I can do them all close to home. I have a huge network of sweet trails to hit right out my door here in Pemberton. Whistler Skydive operates out of the Pemberton airport and it’s got to be one of the most beautiful places to jump in the world. Surfing is a little bit harder because the closest place is Vancouver Island about a 4-5 hour mission including the ferry ride. It’s a great place to surf but the water is cold.

I try to avoid my computer as much as possible but I love weather sites in the winter. I know, super boring and predictable, but, like I said, the computer is not a place I enjoy hanging out. If I surf the web it’s usually spent on YouTube watching videos like Jokke Sommer's “Dream Lines 3,” a sweet wing-suit video.

I purchased a new custom-shaped surfboard. I got it from Switchblade Surfboards out of Vancouver. A couple of my friends started the company and have built a reputation for shaping awesome boards. Plus, they do sweet custom art on them if you like.

EatING and DrinkING
I I like all foods and if it's something fresh and local then I’m stoked. Pemberton is in a very fertile valley known for growing great produce. You can get boxes from local farmers every week with fresh, organic veggies. I also have a pretty big garden in my front yard that provides a lot of produce year round, I've got 40 tomato plants along with many other things. Last night we had some tomato sauce in our meal that came from last summer's garden.

Two nights ago I was at James Heim’s housewarming party here in Pemberton. All the usual suspects were there and in this town that means a few pro shreds like Abma and Flahr were in the mix. Heim was messing around trying to burn our friend Seamus with the BBQ lighter so Seamus flipped the table that was covered in food, dishes, and drinks. After that, those two ended up in a wrestling match in the garden shoving handfuls of dirt up each others shirts. Only the rhubarb was slightly damaged. They, of course, had a huge man hug afterword. No booze involved here!

Like I said before, I’m not big on hanging in front of a computer. I like tweets that lead me to a good article or video, for instance POW just tweeted an article about the downsides of natural gas. I hate people who tweet about stuff like what their cat just did.

I mostly listen to Metal, Classics, and Reggae but I love all music so here are tracks I’ve been listening to from a few different genres.
Metal: “Crazy Horse” by Black Label Society
Country: “Country Heroes” by Hank Williams III
Reggae: “How Much Longer” by Delus & Konshens
Rap: I like to keep in old school for this one “Changed Man” by Tupac
Dance-ish: “Drunk Girls” LCD Soundsystem
Remix: “Sun Is Shining” (Smoke Out Dubstep Remix) by Some f%@king DJ

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