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West Coast Session 7

Behind the scenes at the annual Mount Hood spring park shoot

Words: Ethan Stone

Last week a group of 60 skiers, filmers, and photographers gathered at Mount Hood, Oregon for a week of skiing at the seventh annual West Coast Session. The Session, hosted each spring at Timberline Ski Area and Windell's Camp, is one part terrain-park training camp and one part end-of-the-season celebration, with a friendly team video contest tossed in for good measure. For some attendees, it's a chance to relax and hang out with friends after a long winter of filming missions, photo-shoots, and competitive circuits. For others, it's a chance for a big break—this might be the most exposure they get all season. Above all, everyone is here to have a blast enjoying the prime-time late spring conditions on Mount Hood, and it's this mentality that has built a small but tight-knit community of skiers that return every year for the event.

This year's West Coast Session lineup was stacked like never before. From X Games gold medalists and World Cup slopestyle competitors to urban film crews and local talents, the Session brought together a diverse group for six days of no-holds-barred film and photo shooting. The participating skiers (48 in all) were split up into six teams for the Ion/Camtrol Session Showdown video contest in a dodgeball-style draft, in which female French-Canadian styler Maude Raymond took the honor of first draft pick. Meanwhile, six invited photographers competed for cash prizes in a photo contest presented by Buff.

Athlete Awards
MVP: Steve Stepp (Still an amateur)
Best Trick: Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (Double cork 7 at Tommy E. Invitational)
All Day Syndrome: Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (skied hard all day, every day)
Repeat Offender: Ben Moxham (Best performance by a returning skier)
King Meat: Jamie Crane-Mauzy (crashed hard on a double backflip, then stomped it later during the sunset shoot)
Rookie: Niklas Eriksson (Did nose butter double cork 12)

Photo Contest presented by Buff
Best comedy: Rocky Maloney
Best creative: Charles Bolte
Best lifestyle: Charles Bolte
Best air photo: Ethan Stone
Best rail photo: Ethan Stone

West Coast Session team edits will be released online later this month at