Week in Review: Man on Skis on Wire

Plus: Cats and monoskis, the Colby West Show, and Brazil's taking over South America freestyle skiing

Speed flyer grinds lift cable…wait, what?!

In this thrilling installment of "Man on ski on wire", crazy Frenchie speed flyer Valentin Delluc turns a chairlift into a terrain park, sliding his skis along steel lift cables at high speed and losing any chance at buying life insurance. Worth a note, this isn't just a wire tap like Antoine Montant in 2010, Delluc is the real deal, riding the thing out hitting speeds over 60 mph, and dodging lift towers along the way. I'm not entirely sure, but I'm pretty sure there's even some parachute afterbang in there.

Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival wraps competition season

The blowout party that is WSSF popped off again this year, concluding the competitive ski season with a soggy big air event, plenty of Molson, and a little De La Soul. Despite being too young to know a single lyric of "Me, Myself, and I," Jesper Tjader won yet another big air, landing a smooth double 16 and earning himself a second place overall in the AFP Big Air standings. Puppy savior Gus Kenworthy earned his fourth AFP Overall title in a row, which in some competitive circles equates to a dynasty. No word on whether "dynasty" is a F.I.S.-approved label, but look for an announcement later next week.

HG Skis shreds the Sugarbush

While eyes were focused on WSSF (Yes, there was an 80-foot naked back flip), the HG Skis crew has been diligently ripping terrain parks up and down the Eastern Seaboard all winter. In preparation for a full movie release, the Burlington boys gave us a taste of what's cooking up in maple country with a prime edit from Sugarbush's spring park. Mmm, mmm, good.

Drunk hits the slopes in pickup truck

One New York man wasn't ready to call it quits this season, hitting the slopes of Snow Ridge Ski Resort last weekend after lifts closed—in his pickup truck. According to the Utica Observer-Dispatch, 23-year-old Michael Rouscher stirred neighbors when he revved his truck up and down the local ski slope before taking off down the highway. An intoxicated Rouscher was pulled over by state police a few hours later, did not pass go, and was sent directly to jail. It's hard to admit I'm sure, but that's one last run that probably wasn't worth it.


Just Colby being Colby—The Colby James West Show debuts

Everyone's funny man skier Colby James West has a new show that premiered Thursday night, and the guy has still has some jokes up that Gore-Tex sleeve. We've all come to expect the accents and the characters, but West has brought some buddies along for the ride this time, looping in Luke "The Voice" Van Valin and some special guests into a late night-esque comedy show. Filmed in front of a live audience so that we know when we're supposed to laugh, maybe this is West's chance at the entertainment big time. Maybe.

Brazil opens freestyle skiing facility

Whether you were tuned in or not, Brazil has had a rollercoaster of a ski season. In late 2013, two Brazilian aerials skiers made their aerials debuts on the World Cup circuit, two months later one was paralyzed in a freak skiing accident, and just a few weeks after that, her teammate became Brazil's first Olympic aerials skier. To cap a whirlwind season, the Brazilian Snow Sports Federation opened a brand new, year-round outdoor training center outside of Sao Paulo this week, featuring a 440-square-meter air bag and three in-runs. The facility is the most advanced in all of South America and now offers the possibility of year-round training for continental athletes. Prepare for the South American ski takeover.

Ski Video Perfection

Cats, monoskis, Velcro, and matching onesies. The stuff dreams are made of.