Week In Review: Vermonters Love/Hate Climate Change

#BrodyLeven'sLatestAdventure! Early season snowfall in South America! And more Park City confusion!


Vermont could be entering 'sweet spot' within global warming

Don't get it twisted—global warming is bad. Like Nickelback on repeat, bad. That being said, Vermont could capitalize on the harmful weather trend in the next few years, as global warming seems to have created a snow “sweet spot” over the state, according to a University of Vermont study. According to the study, increased precipitation has led to more snow, but temperature rises have yet to catch up, making for a nice little boost in powder days. The good times are short lived however, and meteorologists predict that forty years down the road, all that white stuff will turn to rain. Bummer.

Offseason training tips: get comfortable with speed, and Knight Rider

When there's no snow at the local hill, it's time to get creative with your ski training. No, that doesn't mean joining Crossfit or mastering yoga on a standup paddle board (though if you can figure that one out I would love some tips), it means clicking in to your favorite pair of Olin's and speeding down the beach on top of your buddy's car. Seems like the only logical option, really.

Brody Leven embarks on unearthly ski-bike-climb adventure

Instagram hero and big mountain guy Brody Leven is at it again this summer, proposing another epic adventure for the summer of 2014. While the rest of us are RSVP-ing for family reunions, Leven will be biking to, climbing up, and skiing down all of the massive volcanoes in Washington. The Salt Lake ski mountaineer started out from Portland, Oregon, on June 9 and will make his way up Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Rainier. To follow Mr. Leven's quest, hit the Insta, search #PedalsToPeaks, or go find him on the road. Here's a hint, he's the guy pulling a trailer of skis behind his bike.

South American ski season is upon us!

No offense to the endless seasons at Mount Hood, Beartooth Basin, and A-Basin (long live the Beach!), but South American ski season is officially on and poppin' thanks to some healthy early season snowfall in the Andes and beyond. Valle Nevado, La Parva, and Las Lenas, were just a few of the usual suspects to start spinning lifts in the Southern Hemisphere, and hopes are high for a strong El Nino season. Vamos al sur?

Park City earns 2019 Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championships despite eviction notice

FIS must not be following the news too closely these days because the guys and gals in charge of international skiing have awarded Park City the World Freestyle Ski and Snowboard Championships in 2019. Yes, the same Park City that lost a lawsuit and potentially most of its ski terrain to Vail Resorts just a few weeks ago. There has been no official word exactly how this will play out, but the Championships will run moguls and aerials out of Deer Valley, cross events out of Canyons Resort, and all freeskiing from Park City, or Vail Light, or whatever the hill is calling itself in 2019. Cheers to general confusion.

In related news, PCMR head honcho and Powdr Co. CEO John Cumming fighting words this week concluded that Vail has "lawsuit-itis" and that their purchase of Canyons Resort wasn't the best business decision. Burn!

Tanner Rainville surfs the white wave

There goes Tanner, making us wish it were winter again.