Week in Review: Snowlerblading…It’s a Lifestyle

Cold Rush canned! Sunday Rivah bootah! Coolest principal ever!

Revelstoke cans Cold Rush
The triumphant return of big mountain freestyle competition Red Bull Cold Rush wasn't meant to be—at least not this season—as host Revelstoke cancelled the event this week. The competition had initially been postponed until late March, but after avalanche trouble and low snow, organizers decided the venue just wasn't fit for the high-flying act that is Cold Rush. Big bummer, and unfortunately par for the course in western Canada this season.

Barry the Blader is stoked for Pain McShlonkey this weekend
It's Pain McShlonkey weekend and what better way to celebrate than with an ode to Barry the Blader, everybody’s second favorite snowlerblader.

Super intendent announces snow day from a sled
Snow day swag times a million.

Lost Japan
A little jib-infused Japan to get the engine revving.

One, two, three….BANZAI!
The downhill insanity known as the Banzai Tour is back for another round with the Super Final going down this weekend at Sugar Bowl near Lake Tahoe. With $5,000 up for grabs, things are bound to get a bit sendy, which is good news for the carnage craver in all of us. BANZAI!

Ski The East's Sunday River Spectral
Ski the East is back with another round of its hard-hitting webseries Spectral, this time featuring a sunrise booter session at Maine's Sunday River. It really shivers my timbers to see a park shoot back at the Riv, makes me miss the old Heat Harvest days. Ah, nostalgia.

Skiing is coming to Miami?!
Ok, we know Miami loves its snow but this is getting a little ridiculous. A ski slope in South Florida? Really? Well, plans are in place to construct the new largest mall in the U.S., the American Dream Miami, and include with it a sea lion show, submarine rides, and yes, an artificial ski slope. This isn't the first time that such a hill has been proposed in Miami, and its only a matter of time until white parties are hitting the (artificial) slopes.