Week in Review: The Most Ridiculous Pond Skim Bails You’ll Ever See

Plus: Call of Duty joins X Games lineup, Eldora's new super pass, and three edits you shouldn't miss

Unreal crash video from Big Sky pond skim

They say everything is a little bigger in Big Sky country and after watching some of these pond skim bails, I'm going to have to agree. Holy hospital bill Batman, these Montuckans are nuts! My personal favorite has to be the involuntary front flip out around 1:45—just no regard for personal health whatsoever. Rumor has it that in addition to her pelvis, she also broke the speed of sound.

X Games adding a video game competition

In the sellout move of the century, X Games Lite further diluted its brand this week, adding a video game contest to the Summer X Games competition docket. That's right, in June there will be a Call of Duty X Games gold medalist. Working in conjunction with Major League Gaming (yeah, this is a thing), X Games is hoping to tap into the young and massive market of video gamers with a propensity for action sports by hosting a Call of Duty: Ghost tournament during the action sports event. So far there's no word on whether or not gamers will make a cameo in Winter X, but I say it's not long until we see Tom Wallisch atop the podium next to the guy who uses his character in Jonny Moseley Mad Trix 5.

Eldora teams up with Rocky Mountain Super Pass

Dropping out of Vail's colossal Epic Pass, Eldora has decided it won't give up on pass partnerships entirely, signing on with Winter Park, Crested Butte, Steamboat, and Copper Mountain's Rocky Mountain Super Pass. According to resort spokesman Rob Linde, the move is more conducive with the Boulder County ski area's goals and demographic. At only 680 acres, Eldora was considerably smaller than the other mountains on the Epic Pass and couldn't handle the influx of visitors the Epic generated. While most resorts would sell their first born for a similar problem, Eldora decided its status as a mid-sized resort with mid-sized crowds was better than Vail lift lines.

It's edit season: Who ya got?

Both the Faction Collective and Eliel Hindert's Under the Weather experiment have become fixtures on my Internet toolbar over the past few months, so choosing one over the other just doesn't seem right. Both released impressive third installments in the past few weeks, and because I'm not in the business of picking favorites, I'm giving you both. You can thank me later.

We Are The Faction Collective Episode 3

Under the Weather Episode 3

Man forgets to remove ski mask, shot by store clerk

No matter how cool you think you look, DON'T wear your ski mask to the convenience store. An Ohio man learned this the hard way after a store clerk mistook him for a robber, reached for a gun, and shot the "intruder". Christopher Deeds claims he forgot to remove his mask after riding his bike to the Columbus Food Market Express on a blustery Monday evening. Christopher Deeds will never do this again. Upon entering the store, he was chased away at gunpoint by a very anxious clerk who then ricocheted a bullet off the masked man's foot. I've made questionable fashion decisions in my day, but I don't remember any that led to bullet wounds. Need to upgrade bro.

L.J. Strenio and Meathead Films take it to the streets

Thank goodness for some East Coast park love courtesy of the Meathead Film crew and the one and only L.J. Strenio. Neo Eight follows Lil John and his cronies to some of the Ice Coast's finest park offerings and even throws in a dash of New Hampshire urban goodness for the Newschoolers crowd. Ski Free Or Die indeed.