Welcome to the world of ski drifting

From the delinquents that brought us Pit Vipers, aka the only shades you'll ever need (ever), comes the newest fad in skiing—drifting. Straight ski savant Chuck Mumford takes us on a spiritual journey into the world of backseat carving and it's nothing short of life changing. The season may be winding down in North America, but it looks like drifting is just getting started. Remember, experts only.

Summit County pissed at double black diamond pot brownies

Potheads in Colorado might get the last laugh in the ongoing ski area squabble in Summit County as marijuana companies are considering adopting the ski trail system to rate their edible treats. As a way to inform consumers, the most intense edibles will earn a black diamond denotation, more intense a blue square, and the least trippy a mere green circle. Ski resorts aren't too keen on associating special brownies with bump runs and are strongly opposing the motion, noting that it would reverse work they and the forest service have put in to separate themselves from legal marijuana use. Damn kids and their marijuana cigarettes.

Level 1's Logan Imlach retires from filming?

Outspoken freeskier Logan Imlach shocked the Newschoolers world this week when he announced his retirement from filming, effective immediately. In an exclusive interview with the freeskiing website, the Alaska native behind some of the past few years' most innovative segments said he was calling it quits to "move on to a different chapter" of his life. So in what form will that proverbial chapter appear? He says it will hopefully involve making some of his own skis and building a cabin over the summer, though we can't rule out some Olympic and X Games trolling as well. Best of luck to ya, Logan. We'll always have Superunknown VII, right?

West Coast Sessions are on and poppin'

The most maniacal gathering of freeskiers and photographers converged on Mount Hood this week for the eighth installment of the annual West Coast Sessions. Weather has been a fickle mistress for the boys and girls up at Timberline, but somehow they've been finding a way to make it happen. Day One saw a kind of ridiculous session on an S to down-flat-down rail and by Day Three things had ramped up to the unearthly booter setup. Torin Yater-Wallace and Joss Christensen did some serious work, while Max Morello let it all hang out. Apparently naked backflips (and doubles) are trending right now.

Designers developing avalanche-proof ski helmet

This isn't hot off the press and I'm not entirely convinced its legitimate, but apparently Ukranian aircraft manufacturer Aeros released a prototype for a backcountry ski helmet that provides air for skiers trapped in avalanches. According to the tutorial, a retractable face shield can be pulled down, initiating air flow canisters in the back of the helmet to provide an air hole and fresh oxygen for up to 15 minutes after burial. What the video fails to explain is whether or not the face shield deploys automatically or not, and how heavy something like the Aeros Backcountry Ski Helmet would be. Obviously still in development stages, the helmet is a different stab at avalanche safety gear. It will be interesting to see if they are indeed onto something with that one.

Final call with Jesper Tjäder

Jesper and friends can't hear you, they're too busy dropping hammers.

New York strikes again! Man caught burning lift towers

Chalk up another one for New York. Just a week after a drunk driver was caught shredding area ski runs in his truck, another crazy Empire statesman decided he was going to burn down lift towers at Val Bialis Ski Area near Utica by igniting bales of hay at their bases. It didn't work, and the amateur arsonist ended up in the clink just a few hours later. Fittingly, reports also indicated that the man had tried to flood a bank earlier in the day by putting a hose under the door. What you got against skiers up there in Upstate?!

So, this is what happens when a chairlift goes in reverse

Uh, this is terrifying. All those irrational fears you had when the lift stopped suddenly and slid back a couple inches? Yeah, well, they weren't that irrational. Check out footage from a planned destructive test for a Colorado chairlift (not exactly sure where the 'test' part comes in, but hey), and try not to freak out a little bit. Suddenly jumping off a chairlift doesn't look that bad.