Week In Review Nov. 22: Lindsey Vonn Injured & Peer-to-Peer Ski Rentals

Whaleback Mountain reopens, Sammy Carlson Hood edit, & frivolous lawsuits.

Lindsey Vonn Injured, Lil’ Wayne Speaks Up


The ski world held it's collective breath Tuesday as U.S. Olympic darling Lindsey Vonn crashed in training at Copper Mountain Resort. The initial reports are good, though not great, as she appears to have suffered a partial tear to her right ACL (the same knee she injured nine months ago). While it's not an end-all for the champ, the ligament is at risk to tear fully and her strength will be limited moving forward. Virtually unreachable for comment, Vonn did connect with one fan via Twitter, responding to a tweet from a certain, Lil' Wayne—because sometimes it just takes a platinum-selling rapper to understand what a gold medal skier is going through.

Whaleback Mountain Back On Track

Christmas came early in New Hampshire this year as community staple Whaleback Mountain announced that it will reopen this season. After closing its doors indefinitely last spring, the mountain was resurrected by a group known as the Upper Valley Snow Sports Federation, the same collective that runs small areas Magic Mountain in Vermont and Mt. Tupper in New York. The UVSSF will operate the ski spot as a non-profit community asset, hopefully maintaining the small mountain's down home tradition and resurrecting the infamous Jib Port. You better believe that somewhere park bums Mike Rogge and Ryan Dunfee are tweeting this while chugging a Magic Hat #9. Viva la Whaleback.

Late Summer Hood Session With Sammy Carlson

Just in case you forgot about a guy named Sammy Carlson, here's 3 minutes and 24 seconds of reminding. Holy hand drags, batman! Tommy Ellingson, Alex Schlopy, and the Hood River rat himself tear into some late summer Mt. Hood park and continue to make the impossible look easy. I don't think I've seen a double misty 1080 like that in, well…ever?
Big props to the Guerilla Black soundtrack as well. Are we completely sure he's not Biggie? I might need some documentation.

Hot Tub Poachers in the Wild

Any ski bums worth their goggle tan have snuck into a ski resort hot tub—there's just something so right, so primal about soaking in a bubbling human stew after a day on the slopes. Capri Films tapped into that urge to poach the tub in their Planet Earth-inspired, "Poached Earth" short for the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival. Alright, it's a little old, but are you really going to put a time stamp on a classic?

Parker White Gives Us A Little Extra

If you need a little something extra to make the minutes of your workday tick by, pillow slaying maestro Parker White released a beauty of a bonus edit this week titled, "Going Native". The edit showcases White's life as a big mountain tranny hunter (come on now, grow up) and is stocked full of footage from Level 1's backcountry trip to British Columbia last season. Parker, so hot right now, Parker.

Ski-less Mom Could Win Collision Lawsuit Case

A much better place for moms who don't ski.

A much better place for moms who don’t ski.

One Pennsylvania ski area could be in hot water after a federal judge ruled it was at fault for a crash involving a skier and a woman watching her family take ski lessons. According to reports the woman ignored signs at Shawnee Mountain Ski Area that indicated a lift ticket was required to be on the slope and was hit standing along tape dividing the ski run from the learning area. However, instead of being ruled the clueless mom in the middle of a crowded ski run without skis, the judge ruled that she was not an active participant in the sport, and was therefore a victim. Thus confirms why I'll never hack it as an attorney—laws are confusing as s#%t.

New Website Promotes Peer To Peer Rentals In Ski Towns


For those that hate paying extra baggage fees or just want to try some new gear, a new website might have you covered this season. Spinlister.com is a peer-to-peer gear rental site that allows you to connect with and rent directly from ski town residents, and grab some inside tips from a local while you're at it. Started as a bike share program, this virtual bulletin board will let people post their ski gear (ranging from brand new to heavily used) for free and price it out according to what they deem fair. This is the program's first winter, but ski town's are slowly buying in, and the site might be worth a look on your next trip. At the very least, you can avoid the rental shop and might meet someone that can point out the right après bar.

Nature Is Neat, Don'tcha Think?

You might be a little dumber after you watch this. But you might like it. That's a risk I'm willing to take. Nature is neat.