Week In Review Nov. 15: Village Cafe Finds New Home & Doctors Find A New Knee Ligament

Corey Vanular is back, Jack Peak pow edit, Meathead Films Mini-Series & Logan Imlach boo-hoo's Olympics

Jackson's Village Café Finds a New Home

JK! LOL! We're just moving over that way. PHOTO: Matt Hansen

JK! LOL! We’re just moving over that way. PHOTO: Matt Hansen

In the biggest emotional roller coaster since My Dog Skip hit theaters, Jackson Hole's beloved Village Cafe announced its unprecedented return this week—just in time for après season. After the building it occupied for years was raised in favor of a luxury condo complex (seriously, don't get me started on this one), the Jackson staple looked to be on the outs, but thanks to an 11th hour deal, the VC will run out of the Inn at Jackson Hole come December. Loyal patrons may walk a little farther to grab their PBR and slice-of-the-day this year, but chock this up as a win for the soul skier.

Jay Peak Gettin’ 'Er Good

Can't stop, won't stop, here we go East Coast! While the Mountain West enjoys one of its best early seasons in recent memory, those syrup suckers at Jay Peak were on their way to Pow Town, laying down deep November tracks of their own this week. After the Jay Cloud deposited nearly 3 feet of goodies over the past seven days, somebody remembered to bring their camera out and make us all supremely jealous. Jay barely made a ripple in this year's Ski Town Throwdown, but if they were too busy skiing powder like this, can we really blame them?

(Shoutout to Ridgefield, Connecticut's, Ryan Devane for the ski film cameo. Go Tigers.)

Amazon Deforestation Could Lower Snow Levels in the West

Hey! Stop chopping down the trees, hombres! Can't you see I'm stuck here? PHOTO: Courtesy of Victor Espigares/Flickr

Hey! Stop chopping down the trees, hombres! Can’t you see I’m stuck here? PHOTO: Courtesy of Victor Espigares/Flickr

A recently study suggests that our cut-happy compadres in South America could be affecting winter precipitation in the Northwest United States. The report published by Princeton University states that deforestation in the Amazon is creating drier air in the region, air that is then blown north via the Rossby Wave wind current. The result of that dry air moving in? Twenty percent less precipitation in Washington and Oregon and a 50 percent decrease in Sierra Nevada snowpack. Yikes, no matter which way you slice it, that's a serious 'no bueno' for the western powderhound.


Doctors Identify New Knee Ligament

The other other white meat.

The other other white meat.

The knee bone's connected to the…what now? Knee surgeons in Belgium's University Hospitals Leuven uncovered a previously unknown ligament in the knee that is said to stabilize the ACL. Located on the outside front portion of the knee, the anterolateral ligament, or ALL, was discovered after doctors noticed instability in patients with repaired ACLs. According to the docs the ALL would tear along with the ACL, but since it was yet undiscovered, would go untreated, leading to weakness in the repaired knee. The discovery could lead to important advances in reconstructive surgery moving forward, but for now gives skiers one more ligament to worry about this season.

The return of Corey Vanular

Don't call it a comeback, but the Master of Disaster, Corey Vanular, is back at it, sliding and spinning his way back into our hearts with his brand new edit, "No Tomorrow's." With some creative, and dare I say it, dark, editing from rail-slaying renegade Leigh Powis, Vanular reminds us what it's like to cork 630 onto a down rail again, and shows that he still has a deep bag of tricks after all these years. It's good to see the notorious hesher that brought us the urban rail transfer laying it down on snow again. We're looking forward to more this season from Mr. Vanular.
On a side note, this edit is a full two and a half minutes longer than the legendary Long Story Short segment and as for the soundtrack…definitely lacking in the DL Incognito department. We want DL!

Logan Imlach sounds off on the Olympics

Salty a$$hole has a few words for the Olympic hype.

Salty a$$hole has a few words for the Olympic hype.

Usually a cool customer, rail wizard Logan Imlach let loose on Newschoolers forum this week, damning ski industry higher-ups for pouring money into the Olympics while skimping on the bill for film companies and their athletes. The self-described "salty a$$hole," had particular bones to pick with Matt Margetts' crowd-funding plea and Tucker Perkins' hair product commercials, but most of his frustration centered around the sport's newfound love affair with the Olympic Games. Despite the profanities, his argument is calculated: He thinks film athletes deserve a paycheck that reflects the influence their segments have on the sport. With feedback pouring in, we'll see if Logan's plea ruffles the right feathers.

Meanwhile, in the land of the laughs, the boys from Traveling Circus have their own commentary on the Olympics, Mike Douglas voiceover included.

Meathead Mini-Series: “Working for the Weekend”

When Meathead Films announced they wouldn't be releasing a film this fall, we all wondered how the crew from the Northeast Kingdom would fill up their time. Cheese making? Leaf peeping? Yankee Candle hauling? Well, turns out the O.G.'s of east coast ski films were busy putting together a new mini-series about weekend warrior and Meathead alum Ben Leoni, and his New England backcountry adventures called "Working for the Weekend." Leoni, now an attorney in Portland, Maine, may have traded his Langes for loafers during the week, but that isn't keeping him and his friends from skiing some of the best off piste zones the East has to offer. Check the official trailer here, and get ready for the five-part series to kick off this December.

Important advice: Clearing your windshield with a credit card

The days of big dumps are almost upon us, and with them the obligatory digging out of the Subaru. We all know the credit card trick for clearing icy windshields, but sometimes it's nice to get advice from an expert like Mr. Forthright.

Meanwhile on Newschoolers…