Week In Review March 7: Epic Japanese and Bear Cub Shuts Down Heavenly

The Big Picture, Taos gets a '7th Heaven' style drug sweep, the Brother's Brower, and road gap fail

Epic Pass heads to Japan

Everybody's favorite Epic pass just got a little epic-er with the announced addition of Japan to the 2014-15 docket. That's right, the collective pass that already services most of Colorado, and chunks of Tahoe and Europe, will now offer five complimentary days at Niseko on the mystical powder Mecca of Hokkaido, Japan.

Left out in the cold will be Colorado's own Eldora Mountain, as the little Boulder-area resort will not be included in next year's epic-ness. Bummer bros, but long live Ja-POW!

Chris Logan and Parker White get subterranean deep

The Big Picture has to be an early favorite for Webisode of the Year, it just has to be. Oh, and a Liam Downey sighting, you say? Game over.

Taos Ski Valley community (just a wee bit) angry about drug sweeps

While Colorado resorts were busy blowing up anything related to sticky green, all hell was breaking loose down in New Mexico as four National Forest agents and a drug dog engaged in a drug sweep of Taos Ski Valley's parking facilities, issuing five tickets for possession and enraging local citizens. Former Governor Gary Johnson considered the action that of "a police state" and one Carson National Forest employee was called a Nazi in the fiery backlash. The Carson National Forest denounced the action of its employees just a few days later, but tempers still simmered over the unprovoked sweeps. Wow, the Taos Ski Clan ain't nothin' to f%$k with.

We couldn't locate footage of the sweep, but are assuming it went something like this:

Bear closes down Heavenly

A bear cub kept large portions of Tahoe's Heavenly Resort closed Monday after it wandered dangerously close to skiers. The cub appeared to have suffered some lacerations and had difficulty leaving the area, prompting mountain managers to shut down access to Powder Bowl during the morning hours. Crews eventually removed the bear and sent him to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care to treat his case of the Mondays.

In other resort news, the former American Ski Company's infamous CEO Les Otten could be back in the game after reportedly becoming part of the team associated with bringing New Hampshire's Balsams Resort back to life. Initial reports say the ski mogul has plans to expand the 16 trail, 87 acre area, but Otten's camp is keeping things buttoned up, for the moment. Is everybody ready for ASC 2.0?

The Brother's Brower slide Salt Lake City

In a city where cops have nothing better to do than guard hand rails like they would the Holy Grail, Mitch Brower and Snogression's Kevin Brower took to the streets early this season to hit up some of their favorite spots around Salt Lake City. While the tricks themselves are impressive (house tranny to backflip comes to mind), it's the exposure of these spots that makes the edit impressive. Setting up an in-run across a road to slide a municipality sign? That's a combination of ballsiness and luck that rarely succeeds in the Beehive State. But hey, when it does, we get urban edits. And we love urban edits.

Keeping it a little too casual at the Baker Road Gap

Spot that landing bro, spot that landing! At least you didn't fail as badly as this VH1 slopestyle parody.

P.S. Is Gus officially the "puppy guy" from now on?