Week In Review, March 21: K2 Factory Could Turn Into Pot Factory

Plus Wiley, Candide, Banzai!, pond-skimming takeout, and the Ski Bum Bandit...

So Banzai! Tour is underway, and it looks straight nuts

Hahnenkamm winner Daron Rahlves knows a thing or two about speed, so when he designs a race series you know it's going to be fast…like real fast. Add some big mountain features and a few extra skiers and you have one of the craziest shows on snow. Not sure what I mean? Take a look at some GoPro footage from the Silver Belt Finals at Sugarbowl. I'm nervous just sitting here. That, folks, is how you Banzai!

Old K2 building could become pot factory

The iconic K2 ski factory could be getting a green makeover soon, as EdiPure and its line of pot-infused candy could be moving into the vacant space. According to the Seattle Times, the Colorado-based company has been looking for a new location, and ganj-friendly Vashon Island (oft-dubbed "Weed Island"), could be a perfect home. Residents of Weed Island aren't as sure, citing that a pot factory in the island's most recognizable building could send the wrong message. But I don't know. K2 was always about keeping its product homegrown, and it sure seems like EdiPure is on track to keep that legacy alive. We doubt they’ll be the first stoners to work there.

Wiley, so nice to see you!

Wiley Miller dropped in to say hello this week with a banger mid-season segment from the powder confines of Wydaho. Making it look easy, the deep snow cowboy has his way with pillows, cliffs, and trees in just about the most perfect snow you can imagine. Hats off to the guy who continues to redefine powder skiing.
PS: Wiley, grilling the camera while slashing the cameraman? You dog, you.

Faction team drops new edit

Swiss ski company Faction has quietly built up one of the strongest teams in freeskiing in recent years. Rail guru Tim McChesney, big mountain dogs Arnaud Rougier and Sam Cohen, and the soft-spoken legend himself, Candide Thovex, are just a few of the names kicking around the factory these days and a few of the standouts in the team's newest edit. From Jackson to Chamonix to the streets of Poland, the crew is on point once again in the second of their ongoing edit series. Noticeably absent is butter savant Adam Delorme, but the train rolls on and I don't hate the result. Enjoy.

Ski resorts are (majorly) under-reporting accidents

Kind of like how they over-report snowfall. Sure, there’s no system for independently tracking accidents at ski resorts, but a California-based report administered by NBC News concluded that accident numbers are being skewed by the ski industry. The report goes on to say that due to the National Ski Areas Association’s relative secrecy on accident numbers, it's hard to get many numbers besides the average of 47 injuries per year, but that California alone treats 18 neck injuries, 101 fractured backs, and 798 traumatic brain injuries due to skiing and snowboarding every year. Now, Mr. Yolen from 12th grade algebra can verify that I am a pretty horrendous mathematician, but even I can see that something here doesn't add up.

Watch out for Salt Lake's Ski Bum Bandit

The douchey scarf really completes the ski bum look.

The douchey scarf really completes the ski bum look.

There's a robber on the loose in Salt Lake City, and while the authorities have yet to track him down, they have come up with a catchy nickname for the wanted criminal: Meet the Ski Bum Bandit. The dude has robbed five banks already, donning a different disguise each time and stumping authorities at every turn. So far he has pulled off The Bro (flat brim and vest combo), The New Guy (scarf complimented by the brimmed beanie), The Alta Lean (if you don't know what this is, I can't help you), The Scheming Frenchman (mustache paired with a peacoat), and The Pizza Delivery Guy (he just looks kind of dirty, ya know?). As much as I want the guy caught, I kind of can't wait to see the next incarnation of the SBB. The anticipation is killing me.

Ski travel company offering to pay fines of absent students

English ski travel company MountainBase is offering to cover fines for children playing hooky at select European ski resorts if their parents book a weeklong vacation. First off, kids get fined for skipping school? Well, it turns out the UK passed a regulation in September that allows schools to fine pupils up to £60 for each day over 10 days absent. MountainBase felt its family travel business would be hurt by the restrictions and presented an alternative: bring your kids skiing, and let us pay the fines. No word on whether the campaign was a success, but damn, those Brits are bloody brilliant sometimes.

Pond skim carnage

This is PSA gold. "You text. You skim. You lose."