Week in Review: June Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Government compromises on ski area water rights, "bruise pants," and a 15-year-old who went from boy to man

John Brooks scores winning goal in 86th minute of USA-Ghana World Cup match, and is, ahem, not a skier

National hero John Brooks is my new favorite person. Your new favorite person. My mom's new favorite person. But here we are at POWDER, where, for some reason, we usually try to stick to sports where ripped shirtless men are not part of the everyday equation. I'll be damned though, because if loving Brooks too much is wrong, I don't want to be right. So let's make it work. Let's play a game I like to call one degree of separation. John Brooks grew up in Berlin… Berliners go skiing… skiing. Done. GOOOOAAAAALL. Go skiing! Go John Brooks! Call me!

Winter Weather Advisories in Utah, Montana, and Wyoming

Alta's Snow Cam on Tuesday

Alta’s Snow Cam on Tuesday

Welcome to Juneuary. The lucky bastards of the Tetons and the Wasatch saw nearly a foot of the fluffy stuff this Tuesday and Wednesday. But if your friends are jerks like mine, you already knew this, because they took every opportunity to shove their powder day in your sunburned, sweaty face. And just when I was finally starting to accept that there is no cold side of the pillow. Shame on you, June. The first day of summer is tomorrow. June, just go home. You’re drunk.

Bruise Pants: So hot right now

Bruise pants in the flesh

Bruise pants in the flesh

Paraplegic skiers turn down for nothing, not even broken bones, often because they can't feel any impact on their legs. A new garment technology, called "Bruise Pants," uses pressure-sensitive, dye-filled inserts to show athletes when impacts big enough to cause injury are sustained. In the event of an impact, the dye will rise to the surface of the fabric. The darker the dye, the more damaging potential of the impact. Why do we care? Paralyzed skiers rip harder than the best of us, and this'll make them safer.

Andri Ragettli’s 2014 season edit has a wolf in it, does yours?

In a season edit entitled, "Not a kid anymore," Andri Ragettli twerks with Robin Thicke and rides nude on a wrecking ball. Ah wait, my bad—that was someone else. Ragettli proves he's hit manhood by skiing his still-boyish face off in Switzerland. It's hard not to smile watching this one—the kid skis with pure joy.

U.S. Forest Service Rescinds Water Rights Clause

Alpine Meadows would have been affected by the clause. PHOTO: Alpine Meadows

Alpine Meadows, one of the areas affected by the clause. PHOTO: Alpine Meadows

The U.S. Forest Service on Wednesday proposed a happy medium solution to the water clause in ski area permits. The compromise resolves an ongoing back-and-forth that started in 2011, when the Forest Service wanted ski areas operating on public land to transfer some water rights to the federal government. That didn’t settle with the 122 ski areas that operate on Forest Service-managed lands, and the National Ski Areas Association sued. After a U.S. District judge overturned the clause in 2012, the Forest Service went back to the drawing board, coming back this week with their latest proposal in which ski areas totally came out on top with full rights to their water, so long as the water stays on their land.

Silver Star '14// The Ender

Zak Mousseau, Parker Gray, Jake Ondrik, Tyson Oland, and Stirling Peters rip Silver Star Mountain a new one in this edit by Brody Jones.

Eskimos have 50 words for snow, so it's only right that we Americans get 50 emoji

As of late, ski-related emoji offering has been sparse: there's just a sad-looking snowman, a snowflake, and a pair of questionably bright teal, skier-less skis to work with. (Though of course there's also the beer and double-beer.) On Monday, Unicode Consortium, the organization that regulates and standardizes text software, announced an update with more than 250 new icons. I feel pretty confident that included in the new offering will be 47 gapermoji. Here’s a few suggestions: sad face with a frozen beard. A happy one with a glove-beer. A really convincing "No, really, I'm sick in bed" guy.

They come with matching poles

They come with matching poles