Timberline keeps Palmer Lift spinning

It's not all bad news in the world of Snow Drought 2014. Though hopefully this news will be null and void after the weekend, Timberline's Palmer Lift has been able to stay open throughout January for the first time in recent memory. The lift is usually designated for summer skiing on the glacier and is buried in snow during the winter months, but due to low snow levels it stayed open. The result? A significant increase in vertical to the tune of 3,700 vertical feet of skiing. Hey, if it has to be groomer laps, they might as well be long-as-hell groomer laps, right?

Mexican mariachi ski racer what? PHOTO: Mexican Olympic Committee

Mexican mariachi ski racer what? PHOTO: Mexican Olympic Committee

Mexican ski uniform making Internet waves

So most of the Sochi news this week surrounded the Mexican Ski Team and its ski suit. First off, there's a Mexican Ski Team. Secondly, damn straight it did, have you seen this thing?! Worn earlier this week by the team's only member—Mexican-born alpine skier Hubertus von Hohenlohe—the suit is a skin-tight faux-mariachi tuxedo that Speedy Gonzalez himself would have been stoked on. Adding to the Mexican Ski Team legend is von Hohenhole, a 54-year-old competing in his second Olympics that is also a prince and pop star recording under the name, "Andy Himalaya." You can't make this stuff up people, you just can't.

Under The Weather debut

A few weeks ago we previewed a new series by Whistler locals Eliel Hindert and Nick McNutt. Well, they decided to start making episodes for realz and kicked things off with the first of what promises to be one of the most entertaining webisodes going this winter. With snow lacking in Whistler and the boys blowing far too much money grinding on strangers at the club, the crew heads to Revy for some badly needed pow. Pittage ensues.

Panty park session

I didn't want to give this guys the satisfaction of a repost, but after watching him give 110-percent on the money booter, well, I couldn't deny him. That type of effort can't be taught.

Mount Snow becomes the latest Vermonster to use EB-5

Mount Snow has become the latest Vermont resort to utilize EB-5 funding, a unique government loophole that allows foreign investors to pump funds in the areas in exchange for a greencard. After Jay Peak and Q Burke cashed in on the program last year, Mount Snow decided to follow suit, and expects to total $52 million in investments according to the Vermont EB-5 Regional Center. The new money will go into constructing a 120 million gallon water storage pond to increase snowmaking operations and a three-story lodge at the Carinthia area, among other ski area improvements.

Comp round-up: Turski back at Winter X, Collomb-Patton stays hot on FWT

The X Games went down last weekend and the big story was the return of Kaya Turski, just five months out from an ACL tear, to the top of the slopestyle podium. Other than that, it was the tale of repeats for X Games freeskiers, as David Wise, Henrik Harlaut, and Nick Goepper, each took repeat golds in superpipe, big air, and slopestyle, respectively.

The Freeskiing World Tour rolled through Chamonix, where Frenchman Loic Callomb-Patton extended his Tour winning streak to two. I'm not sure how to say "pretty huge" in French, but sacrebleu, Callomb-Patton's 360 off a sizeable precipice was quite impressive. Also props to Jackie Paaso for taking the women's crown with a massive air over a twin stager.

Vice premieres freeskiing movie

Controversial magazine Vice has turned their eyes to skiing, collaborating with POWDER senior correspondent Mike Rogge on a new documentary, Free: Freeskiing's Journey to Sport's Biggest Stage. The crew that brought us inside North Korea and introduced us to the ATL Twins decided that 2014 with all its Olympic hype, was the perfect time to take an interest in our sport. VICE gets the inside scoop from athletes like Tom Wallisch, Maddie Bowman, and even a Mr. Tanner Hall. The doc premiered January 30 on NBC Sports Network, and will be available on Vice's Youtube on February 4.

Van Dammed if you do, damned if you don't

I was trying to figure out a way to combine skiing and the Superbowl and the best I could conjure up was these two life-changing minutes of snowy Jean Claude Van Damme commercials. Oh, and Peyton plays ball like a girl. Go hawks.