Japan envy at an all-time high

While most of the U.S. has started dryland training for next season, Japan is busy getting ta-ta's deep. Here's some casual footage from January storms that brought close to nine feet of the good stuff. Send some this way, eh?

Russian coach says women shouldn't ski jump

Just after Russia was starting to turn a corner on the gay athlete debacle (thanks, Elton John!), it put another foot in its mouth. This time it was the Russian men's ski coach Alexander Arefyev telling a Russian news source that women should not be ski jumping. Instead they should focus on other purposes in life, like cooking, cleaning, and having babies. A real smooth operator, that guy. Needless to say the women's jumping field is looking forward to handing him a long ski and telling him where to shove it. Jam on, ladies!

Rent a ski bunny

Everybody loves a ski bunny, but one European company took the infatuation a step further with its company Ski-Bunnies.com. For those that just can't carve a turn without following a nice pair of stretch pants, Ski-Bunnies.com will actually rent you a ski bunny for your weekend getaway in the Alps. The bunnies are all described as proficient skiers (one is even a former Czech National Team racer), and are expected to provide companionship on the slopes and off. Judgement aside, I think I'll skip the website and stick to striking out at the bar.

We love you Sarah!

Two years ago last Sunday we said goodbye to our friend and the undisputed queen of park and pipe skiing, Sarah Burke. A few weeks from now we'll watch women soaring out of the first-ever Olympic halfpipe wearing her sticker and dedicating runs to their idol, advocate, mentor, and best friend. Even though we lost her smile, we'll be hard pressed to forget it. We Ski for Sarah.

Final Olympic U.S. Freeskiing Team set, Wallisch out, Dumont retires

The first U.S. freeskiing Olympians. PHOTO: Sarah Brunson/U.S. Freeskiing

The first U.S. freeskiing Olympians. PHOTO: Sarah Brunson/U.S. Freeskiing

In a whirlwind final weekend, 11 pipe and park athletes punched their tickets to Sochi. Then, we waited. A couple of tense days later, the coaches nominated five more athletes. By Tuesday, we had our first U.S. Freeskiing Olympic Team.

Notably absent however were U.S. Freeskiing forerunners Simon Dumont and Tom Wallisch. Dumont suffered a torn ACL last Friday and skied a gutsy run Saturday before throwing in the towel on the Olympics and his competitive career. The coaches chose to leave Wallisch off the roster. It's speculated that Wallisch has been skiing with a nagging knee injury. Nevertheless, congrats goes out to the 16 representing the stars and stripes on the final road to Sochi.

Mount Washington for sale

Mount Washington in British Columbia is for sale.

Mount Washington on Vancouver Island is for sale.

Owners of Vancouver Island's Mount Washington announced this week that 2013-2014 will be their last season in charge and that they will be selling the resort. One of B.C.'s hidden gems, Mount Washington has been a welcome detour from the Whistler Blackcomb scene for years, so it will be interesting to see what direction new owners take the hill in. The resort has had an especially hard go of it this season, opening after the lucrative Christmas and New Years window due to low snow levels.

Second Annual World Snowblading Championships kicks off

Snowblading was left off the Olympic docket this year, but that didn't stop the second annual IF3 World Snowblading Championships from going down at the Hinterux Glacier in Tyrol, Austria. Defending champ Sean Pettit took on Reed Speedman and Brandon Kelly in the ultimate battle of courage, style, and progression. Luke Van Valin lends his voice talents, but it's all about three bros and some really, really short skis.