The guy who usually writes these, Kade Krichko, took a break this week. Apparently he was too “busy” taking a road trip with 4BI9 and got “stuck” in the airport and couldn’t “handle” writing this week. If you miss Kade, don’t worry. He’ll be back next week with all the news that’s fit for skiing’s WIR.

Captain America

J.P. Auclair lived up to his legend as he led his team to the win at the Swatch Skiers Cup this week in Zermatt with a sweet double backflip that broke the tie and pulled Team Americas ahead of Team Europe by two points. There would have been more to the story except warm temps and strong winds cancelled the second day of the competition. Europe you can have your great social policies, long vacations, spectacular cheeses, and abundant snowfall. But after losing two Skiers Cup titles to the Euros in a row, the Americas needed this.

Geezers Getting After It

Someone to aspire to: Klaus Obermeyer, 94, has more ski days than you.

Someone to aspire to: Klaus Obermeyer, 94, has more ski days than you.

Old people have it good. They don't have to work. They play bingo. Everybody expects them to smell weird. They've got bionic knees and hips. And this just in, they ski more than anybody else. According to the National Ski Area Association, bragging rights for most ski days goes to those age 68 and older. Your grandparents nearly doubled the national average of ski days compared to any other age group. Discounts at Denny’s and more ski days??? Sign me up!

Candide Crush

More eye candy for those of you who turn into blushing and drooling like 12-year-old schoolboys as soon as you hear the name Candide. If you have to run into the bathroom to clean yourself up I guess I’ll understand.

Friends Don't Let Friends Ski In Jeans

Really guys? Have you ever skied in jeans before? It’s FUN. And denim wicks better than you’d think. #FirstWorldProblems

Another Webisode

This time from Chris Logan and Parker White, two familiar faces from Level 1 ski movies who have grown up and are onto their own projects. After Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon's B&E Show and Tom Wallisch's personal project, we're sensing a familiar trend coming from Level 1.