Ski trail named after Obama inauguration poet

Maine's Mount Abrams Ski Area will honor the poet that read at President Obama's second inauguration by naming their newest ski trail after him. Richard Blanco, a Bethel, Maine native, will be present at the unveiling of his new trail this Saturday and will take the honorary first run.

American men sweep, Dara Howell takes gold in Olympic slopestyle skiing debut

After a week of ice dancing, late nights of NBC airing one or two competitors per sport, and journalists complaining about not being able to flush toilet paper (what a group of L 7 Weenies, huh?), we finally got to watch Olympic slopestyle skiing take off.

Skiers handled the warm temps well, but Joss Christensen and Dara Howell handled them best, winning men's and women's gold respectively. Christensen was a late addition to the U.S. squad, but proved his gold medal with two stomped finals runs that included a ridiculous switch triple 12. Gus Kenworthy finished second, and Nick Goepper capped the sweep in third.

Action was also intense in freestyle moguls, where things got a little dicey later on

Canada does street skiing, eh?

It's cold in Canada, but that doesn't keep the Tabarnak Pack from turning up the heat in the street. A little urban does the body good, check out the latest from Quebec.

In search of s%*t f@#k skiing

Well folks, we've made it. After months of relative agony, we're finally rolling in the deep—yes, even you, Tahoe. But not everyone is happy. In fact, the Likebomb Crew is pissed. The masters of mediocrity that brought us "Not Powder Skiing, It's Sh#%t F@#k Skiing," were attached to the bad snow, so when the storms rolled in, the crew rolled out in search of the worst snow they could find. Unfortunately for them, they failed.

Someone else is pissed at Vail

Gosh it really seems like I have it out for the Vail crowd, but you guys are just so good at making fun of yourselves! The latest masterpiece features a very flustered Hitler voicing his frustrations over I-70 and late openings. My German translator is on vacation this week, so I'm just going to have to assume the subtitles are accurate and that the guy was a real pulverhund.

Mount Snow unveils farm-inspired terrain park

Last weekend, the East Coast park monkeys at Mount Snow gave birth to a Vermont-themed terrain park known simply as, The Farm. The Farm includes a jibbable sugar shack, barn, and horse trailer among other assorted natural and manmade features, and while there is no SES Pass required, rumor has it that you must successfully tap a maple tree before gaining entrance to the new terrain.

Notorious sap suckers Ian Compton, Jack Borland, and Jeff Kiesel show us the glimpses of The Farm in Compton's latest episode of The Weak.

Guys, take notes. PHOTO: Gus Kenworthy/Instagram

Guys, take notes. PHOTO: Gus Kenworthy/Instagram

Gus Kenworthy has Valentine's Day on lock

Hey girl, my name is Gus Kenworthy and I'm an Olympic silver medalist who just saved a litter of stray puppies from the evil Russian dog poisoning patrol. Oh, and I'm just chilling in the Olympic Village for the next week and a half—call me.

Meanwhile, back in reality:

While Gustav lives it up in Mother Russia, the rest of us will be resorting to our old courtship tactics this Valentine's Day.

Parting Wisdom
It's snowing out there, be safe this weekend. Don't be this chick.