Week In Review: The Grand Reverse

Coors Light gets tight with urban skiing, SEABA closes for the season, and Mount Bohemia

Backcountry ski race Grand Traverse hits reverse

The grueling backcountry race from Crested Butte to Aspen known as the Grand Traverse was re-routed last weekend after avalanche conditions became too extreme to ignore. For just the third time in the 40-mile race's 17-year history, skiers who hit the midway point near Star Pass were sent back from whence they came. Many felt the substitute course ended up being the greatest challenge of all. Bryan Wickenhauser and his wicked ice beard still crossed the finish line in first place, and no slides were triggered.

Coors Light films urban segment

Apparently Coors Light ditched Jeremy Jones and threw its hat into the world of urban skiing with an odd series of commercials titled #BreakTheIce. The five-part commercial series is a fusion of graffiti, hip-hop beats, and hand rails in one of the strangest advertisements of all time. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the deserved mainstream nod, but when I think Coors Light, I think of questionable Ice Cube monologues…and twins.

SEABA shutters operations for the season

After a tragic season, popular heli ski operation Southeast Alaska Backcountry Adventure decided to close down for the rest of the 2014 season. Recently, SEABA was hit by a $20,000 lawsuit from the U.S. government concerning a 2012 incident when guide Christian Arcadio Cabanilla died in a slide. But it was the loss of experienced guide and skier Aaron Karitis this March that pushed the company over the edge. SEABA will look to start fresh in 2015, but for now we send our good vibes up to the heavy hearts in Yukon Territory.

Mid-air bro bumping

The rodeo 540 fist bump is the most frat maneuver in skiing—and I don't hate it.

April Fools Day is so damn tricky


Now that the Whoopie Cushion placers and toothpaste-in-Oreo pranksters have all grown up, they apparently all work in the ski industry. Among Tuesday's shenanigans were K2's new toe ski boots, the proposed installation of a lift up Tuckerman's Ravine, and the F.I.S. banning ski poles. There was also the reported "Subaru tax" taking effect in Teton Valley, a story that I had pretty much written up for this installment of Week In Review until I realized I'd been had. Real clever, guys.

Mount Bohemia…if you don't know, now you know

Christmas came four months late this year as the Upper Peninsula's Mount Bohemia finally released the powder edit we've all been waiting for. Not familiar with the UP? That's Michigan, folks. MICHIGAN. You heard right, the Midwestern resort has already received 310 inches of cold, dry snow this season ahead of another big front moving through the region this weekend. To put that into perspective, that's more than Vail and most of Tahoe, and way more than almost every other Eastern resort. Mixing East Coast tree skiing with Utah blower, a few tele skiers show us the goods in the woods at one of North America's hidden powder gems. I mean they have a whole peak of triple black diamonds named Extreme Backcountry—how bad can it be?

Today's timewaster: Playmobil ski movie

For all of us watching the clock on a Friday, this stop-motion ski video may just be the best thing on the web this week. Whoever made this masterpiece not only knew what he or she was doing, but had more time on their hands than Napoleon Bonaparte on St. Helena. But thank goodness for that because now we have a bunch of plastic throwing flat spins and double front flips while skiing snow bank pow. Man, the Internet is great.

Don't trust the tracks

Remember the time you followed that dude's tracks into the woods just to figure out he skied into a flat creekbed like an idiot and had to hike out? Yeah well at least you didn't follow these…