Week In Review Feb. 21: Inside Edition Discovers ‘Safety Meetings’

Court rules inbound avalanches as 'inherent risk', the last Olympic post, and the case of the laughing filmer

Inside Edition discovers the shocking truth about 'safety meetings'

It always makes me chuckle when mainstream media gives its take on the ski world. It's kind of like of like watching your grandma dance to dubstep—something just isn't quite right.

This week I enjoyed a hearty chuckle at the expense of Inside Edition, TV's primetime tabloid news. In their exclusive report they delved into the underworld of pot smoking powder deviants, going rogue into Colorado ski area drug dens to uncover that skiers and boarders are indeed using the drug commonly referred to as 'marijuna' (though it is believed to have many other names as well) while participating in their downhill activities. Shocking stuff, this report has 'Emmy' written all over it.

C'mon guys, really?

The Colorado court dropped the hammer and ruled that avalanches are an 'inherent risk.' PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons

The Colorado court dropped the hammer and ruled that avalanches are an ‘inherent risk.’ PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons

Court says inbounds avalanches are ‘inherent risk’

Courts in Colorado have officially added another ripple to the legality behind snow safety and resort liability. On Tuesday the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled in favor of defendant Winter Park Resort, stating that the inbounds avalanche death of 28-year-old Christopher Norris in 2012, and any other inbounds avalanche for that matter, are inherent dangers accepted along with a lift ticket purchase. The 2-1 ruling was based on classifying avalanches under changing snow and weather conditions—two aspects covered under Colorado's Ski Safety Act.

Olympics update: Is it over yet?

Maybe it's because of all the live feeds and re-runs, but it feels like I've been watching the Olympics for two years straight. That being said, the U.S. decided to assert its dominance in ski halfpipe before it all ended, with favorites David Wise and Maddie Bowman wrapping up gold medals in the men's and women's stunt ditch. Wise and the men's side dealt with such an intense blizzard that I'm pretty sure pipe slippers were getting face shots, yet somehow the Wiseman managed to put together his entire run and take the win. Bowman was her usual solid self, and save for a Brita Sigourney 900, the rest of the field just couldn't keep up.

Well, it looks that will be my last WIR Olympic post, that is unless Henrik Harlaut decides to give us any more parenting advice. Wu Tang is for the children!

Olympic powder edit

Ah shit, I lied. Okay one more Olympic post, but this one is different. Olympic judges Steele Spence, Simon Tjernstrom, Josh Loubek, Greg Tuscher, and Mike Atkinson took a day off from their duties and sampled the local powder scene at Rosa Khutor (mountain venue for slopestyle and halfpipe). The resulting edit is far more pleasing than listening to that English guy try and name slopestyle tricks, I promise.

Wrecking balls with Meathead Films

Yeah it's another Mount Snow edit, but damn, they keep bringing that fire! This time the Carinthia Crew teamed up with Meathead Films to build a limited edition Superpark for some of the East Coast's up-and-coming park talent in Neo Five. Take a look at what the boys get into. Spoiler alert: While this video is safe for work, there are a whole lot of ball taps.

Case of the laughing filmer

There's always the one camera guy in a crew who can't help but add his own commentary or crack up when his buddies clip on a rail or eat it off a booter. Yeah, well here is that guy grown up. Granted the action is really funny, but this dad doesn't even make an effort to help out, instead clicking record on his iPhone. Just cold-blooded.

This is one frame of thousands from TGR's Way Of Life that you can stream for free.

This is one frame of thousands from TGR’s Way Of Life, which you can stream for free.

Free s%#t alert
Everybody loves free stuff, so why not WIR? For the next week TGR will be streaming its Powder Award-winning flick Way of Life for exactly no dollars and zero cents by 'liking' them on Facebook. Need I say more?