A Janky Mid-Season

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The Janky Films crew is the epitome of the ski bum ethic. They live in their cars for months on end. They rip park in '80s one-pieces and Rossi Scratches from 2003. If anybody is in it for the right reasons, it's crews like these. Thank God they got some snow in Tahoe this season so they can cash in all they KIR points.

Siggers at CMH

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Line am and son of a Fernie patroller, Dylan Siggers, makes the kind of edits that just make you want to ski pow so bad the moment they're over. I'm currently nowhere close to skiing powder at this moment. Damn it.

Ski Town Hydroponics… The Useful Kind

A few folks in the town of Jackson, Wyoming, are hoping to build a three-story greenhouse downtown that will grow not weed but vegetables, extending Jackson's produce growing season from 4 months a year to 12. The advanced hydroponic technology kicks soil farming in the ass in terms of efficiency. Finally, something hippies and futurists can be happy about, together.

Out of Bounds Idiocy May Be Finable in VT

A Vermont senator has introduced legislation that would make it illegal to use the "facilities of a ski area to access terrain outside the ski area's open and designated ski trails (if) as a result, (the skier) must be rescued by a rescue organization." Which means that should you ski out of bounds, get lost, and need a rescue, the state's gonna slap you on the wrist to the tune of $500. Get ready to pay up, idiots.

Resort Marketing 101

As you can imagine, we here at POWDER are very adept at navigating the smoke and mirrors show put on my ski resort marketing departments these days. We know that a mountain priding itself on being "family friendly" really just means that it's a flat hill, and that every photo of some lucky John skiing blower powder with not another track in sight was taken before the lifts opened – by 9:10 that trail was a mogul field. But from the looks of this revealing video by Park City's marketing team, we're going to have to keep a watchful eye for green screens and puppies, too.

On The Road Again

Traffic on I-70 in Colorado hit a two-year high over the President's Day weekend. Just in case you were thinking of taking that job in Denver with hopes of skiing more, average traffic heading to the Front Range mountains through the Eisenhower tunnel is increasing roughly 3 percent a year, with peak weekend traffic expected to grow from 82,000 cars this year to 200,000 in 2035. Hopefully there's still some snow left for all those people to ski.