Ski carrying 101

With the 14th Annual Powder Week drawing to a close, I've carried my share of skis this week and have yet to master the perfect technique. Do I throw them over the shoulder? Maybe under the arm? Should I just drag the darn things? Luckily the crew over at Teton Gravity Research took it upon themselves to film a couple popular carrying options with athletes Tim Durtschi and Colter Hinchliffe. Educational T.V. at its finest.

Slednecking big lines with Dave Treadway and Kye Peterson

A sled edit with Dave Treadway and Kye Peterson never hurt anybody, in fact it can do the body good. Sip on this.

Breck blows up smoke shack

Well, well, well Inside Edition, you've really done it now. After the news program reported on skiers and boarders smoking weed in the woods last week, Breckenridge took action by blowing up the smoke shack featured in the segment. Leo's Smoke Shack had been around for over eight years, but apparently the bad press finally sent Vail Resorts over the edge, and Breck's toke haven sky high. But as the wise ancient proverb maintains: "For every one marijuana den dynamited by ski patrol, two will rise in its place."

British ski instructors detained in France

Seven ski instructors from Great Britain were pulled off chairlifts by armed French police after allegedly providing lessons at the local resort without a license. The instructors were part of a tour business out of Megeve and have the correct documentation to work legally in France according to group leader Simon Butler, but were jailed for 36 hours and face longer prison terms if convicted of working illegally. Butler maintains that the action is a ploy to remove foreign workers from French resort towns, stating, "there's a war going on. It's no Hundred Years War, but this may be something to keep an eye on down the road.

Revelstoked with Jacob Wester and T Hall

With Henrik Harlaut competing in the Olympics, Tanner Hall decided to hang out with another Swede—a Mr. Jacob Wester—on a deep fun trip to Revelstoke. Wester and Hall linked up with Simon Ericson for 30 days of pillow popping and cliff dropping and edited down to 11 minutes of good times. Man, I really need to get to Revy.

Sarah Burke's ashes spread in Sochi

In an emotional tribute to one of our sport's fallen stars, Canadian coach Trennon Paynter spread the ashes of late Sarah Burke at the Olympic halfpipe she helped make happen. Paynter told USA Today that Sarah's memory will now grace not only the pipe, but the Olympic village, and the highest reaches of Rosa Khutor—the mountain upon which the halfpipe event took place. Burke was instrumental in helping her sport reach the Games, and it's only fitting that she be there for its debut.