Week in Review: The East Coast Is Getting Hammered, Again

Vail's latest move toward world dominance, apparently Tom Wallisch doesn't need his ACL, and a road is named after Sarah Burke

Winter over? East Coast says, 'nahhh'

The calendar may say pond skimming, but the weather is saying otherwise—at least on the Beast Coast. Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine have been getting absolutely blasted by snow this month, giving them unreal conditions while most of us are picking out our last day costumes. The snow has been so good in fact, that no one has sat down to put together a friggin' edit. Well, until now. With over five feet of new snow at Jay Peak in the past few weeks, the crew from Mad Trees decided to give us a taste of what skiing the East is all about. Spoiler alert: It's good.

In other powder news, it's dumping in Tahoe, and the mountain biking conditions suck.

Vail offers to buy Park City Mountain Resort

In another tough guy power move, Vail Resorts has offered to end the Park City/Vail ownership fight by purchasing the Park City Mountain Resort base area and parking lots straight up. The move comes just days before the two are set to square off in court over the future of the Powdr Corp. resort. A letter sent from Vail Resorts to Powdr Corp., detailed that Vail would pay a fair price, but that it isn't leaving town until it has another resort in its quiver. PCMR rebutted, saying that it will basically pursue any other option besides selling out to the evil empire. If that's true PCMR, I have a couple sticks of gum, an expired Blockbuster card, and am officially throwing my name into that hat. Holler.

Skiing abandoned B.C. mines with Josh Daiek

Josh Daiek took a break from Freeride World Tour podiums to throw on his editing hat and gift us this powder-perfect video from his trip up to Sandon, B.C. Most struggle to put together an edit from a full season of footage, but Mr. Daiek threw together a bunch of leftover clips and still had me drooling all over the keyboard. Impossibly light snow, massive airs, and plush pillows all set against the eerie background of an abandoned mining town. Ah, must be nice.

Tom Wallisch and crew doing the damn thing

Just another day sessioning the goods at Park City with Tom Wallisch and…WAIT…where's his ACL?! TOM WALLISCH IS SKIING WITHOUT HIS ACL AGAIN! It appears Tommy Walnuts doesn't need all of his ligaments to make us feel inferior in the terrain park, stomping silky switch tricks and generally owning everything he touches. Friends Brady Perron and small dog Jake Doan take a few laps to round out the action in yet another impressive Park City edit. Must be something in the 3.2 beer up there.

Canadian highway to be named after Sarah Burke


A 24km stretch of Canadian highway will soon bear the name of Canada's greatest female skier according to Canadian news outlet CTV. The Sarah Burke Memorial Highway will take over a stretch of Highway 93 that runs through Simcoe County in Ontario—the area where the legendary freeskier grew up. Burke's highway is just another testament to the impact she had on the ski world and her local community.

Speed flying David Lesh eats it hard

David Lesh, the controversial owner of Virtika Outerwear (formerly First Drop), is used to getting slammed for his antics, but this one probably hurt a little more than a little scathing media attention. The mastermind behind the "Last Friday" recently decided to take up speed flying and things were going pretty okay until…well…this. Lesh was okay and eventually made light of the situation, but g-d was that one brutal crash. Ka-BIFF.

Flipping script with Ahmet Dadali

Level 1's focus may be on their annual Superunknown video contest, but one of their marquee athletes is halfway around the world writing his own headlines. Ahmet Dadali recently dropped the second of his three-part Flip the Script series, taking on old churches and urban pillow lines in Italy and Slovenia. Dadali has always had a knack for seeing the urban landscape a little differently than the rest of us, and his edits are living proof. There are plenty of guys out there sliding quad kinks, but very few sliding a flat bar to butter pad closeout in the hood of Slovenia. The dude is on his own wavelength, and that's just the way he likes it.