Hey guys, Brighton did not just buy Solitude

In possibly the worst—and latest—April Fools joke ever, Boyne Resorts and Brighton will not be buying Big Cottonwood neighbor Solitude, as initially reported by Independent Skier Magazine. However, it looks like the deal was actually kind of close, a scary thought for Crazy George, the MYST, and the rest of the Solitude faithful. Is SolBright the future of skiing?

New Zealand goes rugby skiing

New Zealand, you did it again, making me laugh from half a world away. Rugby, skiing, BOOM, viral city. Keep it weird, Kiwis.

French Paralympian makes wedding ring from silver medal

In a move so romantic that only a Frenchman could pull it off, Paralympic alpine skier Vincent Gauthier-Manuel melted down one of his three silver medals from Sochi to make an engagement ring for his fiancée. Allegedly, upon receiving the ring she smiled lovingly, "This is beautiful honey, but it would look better in gold."

Pre-teen park popping at Mount Snow

When I was 11 years old, I was selling holographic Pokemon cards on eBay. When Vermonster Joey Richards was 11, he was skiing park like a damn maniac.

Park City may still have a ski season, maybe?

Park City has decided to pay Talisker a fee to use its land this winter, meaning that PCMR should be able to operate normally up until April of next year. There is no word on what happens after that time period, but it looks like Jupiter will spin this season and King's Crown will continue to pop off. A hearty 3.2-percent cheers all around!

Park City lives for another season. PHOTO: Dan Campbell/Park City Mountain Resort

Park City lives for another season. PHOTO: Dan Campbell/Park City Mountain Resort

Colby Stevenson steals the glacier show

I had heard about this other, less funny Colby, but I wasn't sure if the rumors were true. Well Mr. Stevenson put my worries to bed. Kid's going to do it big (see the minute-thirty mark in the edit for Stevenson’s high flying antics on repeat). Oh, and he's 16.

This gem, from The Gloss.

This gem, from The Gloss.

Facepalm for the Facekini

Check out fashion's newest swimwear trend that has been catching on in high society circles around the wor…wait, isn't that just a ski mask? Hey ladies, you know you're wearing a ski mask, right? I'm pretty sure I've bought one of those at a gas station in Montana, but who knows, maybe this is my long-awaited ticket into the fashion elite.

R.I.P. Robin Williams

Thanks for helping us not take everything so seriously all the time—even this skiing thing. You'll be missed, sir.

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