Week in Review: Boston, Get Stoked

POWDER Pirates, Patagonia chairlift pileup, and Max Morello

Chairlift pile up in Patagonia

According to Unofficial Networks, Argentine ski resort Catedral Alta Patagonia started its season with a bang…err…several bangs, this week. After a mechanical failure loosened chairlifts on a detachable quad (aka my second greatest fear behind nuclear fallout), 180 skiers and boarders had to be evacuated via ski patrol. Thankfully, no injuries were reported, and it looks like nearly 200 visitors got their first fall of the season out of the way really, really early.

Max Morello skiing cool this summer

Ever since last year's Poor Boyz Detroit segment, I've been on the Max Morello train. Urban, airs, rails, the kid has it all on lock. When he's not throwing massive naked double back flips at West Coast Sessions, he's busy laying down a hard-hitting park edit to bring us out of our summertime doldrums. What a guy.

This week's op-ed via Utah Avalanche Center: Airbag stats are misleading

A March 2013 blog post written by Utah Avalanche Center Director Bruce Tremper resurfaced on Internet forums this week. On the UAC blog, Tremper states that the "97 percent success rate" advertised by airbag producers paints a dangerous picture for backcountry consumers. According to Tremper, about 80 to 90 percent of non-airbag users survive avalanches and that it's terrain choice that truly decreases fatalities. In this enlightening opinion piece, Tremper says airbags are providing a false sense of security, leading more skiers into high-consequence terrain, and thus decreasing the effectiveness of said airbag.

Skiing in the morning, Red Sox in the afternoon. Boston is about to get a whole lot cooler.

Skiing in the morning, a game at Fenway in the afternoon. Boston is about to get a whole lot cooler.

Boston on the verge of indoor ski center

East Coast, stand up! It looks like some industrious Bostonians have gone all-in on building The Lab, a year-round indoor ski facility to finally give Beast Coast skiers a level playing field. A la Snogression in Salt Lake City, the proposed facility features a low-angle rail garden, trampolines, a jump with a foam pit, and even a cliff drop. While the plan still has to go through the same crowd-funding that most of our good ideas run through these days, the possibility of an indoor facility in Beantown gives me that old fashioned tingly feeling. Follow the progress on their Facebook page.

This week's other op-ed via Newschoolers: POWDER pirates on the loose

Earlier this week, Newschoolers members uncovered an intricate crime ring headed by POWDER Managing Editor John Clary Davies. Dubbed the "Powder Pirates," this gang allegedly redistributed free YouTube content to the masses, most notably Candide Thovex's legendary ski flick, Few Words. It seems an odd choice for a criminal mastermind to focus on a two-year-old movie that most should have already purchased, but it appears his motives were rooted in the nefarious, "spreading of stoke." Nevertheless, champions of the Internet continued their vigilante crusade, hurling cheap shots over Twitter and only pausing long enough to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones on their friend's HBO GO account. After much internal strife, POWDER finally received a polite email from Candide asking them to take down the video, whilst also requesting that YouTube pull the pirated copy. POWDER acquiesced and deleted the post, but fear not Candide fans: Mr. Thovex said he would like to release Few Words for free on the Internet this fall.

Greenpeace boos Lego, takes a stand for winter

Environmental activists at Greenpeace spit some serious fire this week when they called out LEGO—yeah, our favorite childhood building blocks—for supporting evil oil corporation Shell, in this semi-disturbing, yet incredibly effective video. As part of its two-year "Save the Arctic" campaign, Greenpeace decided to take a stand for winter lovers everywhere by denouncing LEGO's partnership with the fossil fuel giants with some creative animation. Keep spreading the word and protect our winters.

David Wise and Joss Christensen heading to the ESPYs

After electrifying Olympic crowds in Mother Russia, the Wiseman and Yeesh Christensen are vying for more hardware, and this time it's at the biggest award show in sports. Christensen and Ted Ligety have been nominated for Best Male U.S. Olympian, while Mr. Wise is in the running for Best Male U.S. Olympian and Best Male Action Sports Athlete—pretty big honors for a couple of two-plankers. Additionally, gold medalists Mikaela Shiffrin and Maddie Bowman are nominated for Best Female U.S. Olympian, Shiffrin is also a Best Female Athlete nominee, and Bowman is a Best Female Action Sports Athlete nominee, as well. The award show kicks off over the weekend with rap demi-god Drake leading the show. Started from the rope tow, now we're here.

Remembering a legend

On a personal note, I just wanted to give a shoutout to Rod Taylor, the owner of Woodbury Ski Area that passed away this week at the age of 71. Thank you, Rod, for being crazy enough to blow a few inches of snow and start the rope tow in October every year so that a few teenagers from Connecticut could pretend they were Tanner Hall and T.J. Schiller for the afternoon. You're the man. Shred in peace.