It's the 4th of July, a chance for us all to flaunt our patriotism with undersized American flag t-shirts, relatively illegal explosives, and cheap booze. Thanks for tuning in, enjoy the ride, and go us.

Great American: Bode Miller
Like a true patriot, Bode Miller doesn't play by the rules. Lose an edge that costs you the race? Invent a new sport and become the best downhill freestyler in the history of the world. 360 on 193s. Boom. America.

Un-Great Americans: These People
Fake U.S. soccer fans are the worst.

Nordica crew doin' good at Mt. Hood
Skiing down south looks—how do you say—dulce? But we're not done up here in the land of the free. A militia of baggy-pantsed park rats have united to form an indomitable force on the flanks of Mount Hood, and the edits continue to stack up. Here's a little taste from the boys over at Nordica doing the damn thing.

Jackson Hole seeks 'OK' on new lift
The capital of skiing badass-ery has proposed a cosmic shift in operations by seeking approval from the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality to install a lift to the top of Sheridan Ridge. The proposed high-speed quad would access all of the previously hike-only terrain around the Headwall, Casper, and the Crags, shuttling thousands of guests a day to prime turns. Newsmen and women are supposed to remain objective, but seriously, c'mon guys. Rumor has it that the lift is part of a bigger plan to build a full downhill course capable of attracting the World Cup, but sacrifice amazing powder turns for an icy downhill course? I'm not mad Jackson—I'm just disappointed.


Zack Giffin's tiny (American) home

Freeskier extraordinaire Zach Giffin can now add "tiny house celebrity" to his resume thanks to a new TV show on FYI, an A & E Networks channel, about life in small portable homes. Giffin built his 112-square-foot mobile chalet with wood, steel, and American braun, and has been living out of the space with his girlfriend for over three years. The show will follow the couple around the country as they check in with other tiny home enthusiasts, and should feature a decent amount of ski area parking lot poaching with a stylish twist.

Sage goes big…wedding style

We love Sage for his creative, off-the-wall skiing, so I guess it should come as no surprise that Mr. Cattabriga-Alosa does weddings in style. Check out this wedding entrance, and try to contain the whoops and hollers. The TGR poster boy is just taking wedding progression to the next level.

Perhaps more importantly, Sage, I'm just going to assume my invite got lost in the mail. Congrats on the nuptials, señor.

4th of July…drink it in
Think skiing. Drink PBR. Support America. Happy 4th ya'll.