Week In Review: Big Sky is Where Dreams Become Reality

Plus: Crazy POV! Shots fired in PC! The FWT hates North America! Cute old guys! And alcohol-fueled-adrenaline!

Pure, P.O.V. (Ski) Pornography

It's easy to watch big mountain skiing from the bottom and fail to grasp the enormity of some of these lines. Thankfully, 20-year-old Austrian prodigy Fabian Lentsch gives us some point of view with a collection of his top 11 GoPro-ed moments ranging from the dreamy to the sphincter-clenching.

Park City to knock down lifts if lawsuit fails

The backlot brawl that is Vail Resorts versus Park City Mountain Resort took a pretty serious turn this week when PCMR announced it would remove most of the area's lifts if it loses its current lawsuit. Jenni Smith, the general manager and president of PCMR made the announcement late last week, as the quarrel between resort powerhouses went from ugly to downright nasty. According to a report to the Park City Record, though PCMRs lease-in-dispute says it cannot remove any lifts "that are affixed" to the property, several of the resort's people movers are bolted into concrete, making them fair game for removal. It's kind of like watching two little kids fight over a ball until it pops. Except the two kids are Vail and Park City, and the ball is some of the most popular terrain in North America...weird.

Big Sky is where dreams become reality

Stick the landing, get the girl, make beautiful skier babies.

Stick the landing, get the girl, make beautiful skier babies.

With cold smoke aplenty this season, Montucky's finest decided to make a ski music video montage that could go down as an instant classic. Following the tried and true formula of guy-moves-to-ski-town-meets-hot-snow-bunny-meets-hot-snow-bunny's-bf-then-races-bf-for-snow-bunny's-affection, this video montage has some serious production value--involving some pretty legit straight skiing, a clever POWDER shoutout, and a skiing guitar player that just won't quit.

Two longtime skiers that will make your day

Well if this doesn't tug at the heartstrings, you might want to visit the cardiologist. Two longtime ski buddies, Dick Perkins, 78, and Tony Carleton, 80, met on the Dartmouth Ski Team and had been taking turns together around the Boston area ever since. A few years ago, Perkins became legally blind, all but ending the duos weekday tradition. That is until Carleton volunteered to guide his friend down the hill wearing bright colored clothing and voice commands. Now, both nearing their eighth decade, they still tear it up at Wachusett a couple of times a week. Listen to their amazing story here on this really cool WBUR radio broadcast.

Jesper Tjader Nine Knights double acky

Jesper Tjader is that rare child that never developed rational fear. Case in point, this double back flip over an impossible gap at Nine Knights last weekend. Dubbed the "Death Gap," the 180-foot transfer wasn't even part of the competition, but young Tjader decided he'd give'r a go anyway. After barely making the landing he decided that wasn't enough and threw a massive (like Evel Knievel big) double back flip over the Death Gap and skied away. So, uh, don’t try this at home please.

Lawsuit claims ski collision product of "Alchohol-Fueled Adrenaline"

A woman is suing Mount Hood Skibowl in Oregon for $900,000, stating that the collision that ended her 2012 season was a direct result of "Ski Bowl's Culture of Alchohol-Fueled Adrenaline From the Top Down." The strongly worded suit was filed by Maria Magdalena Stanila, who was injured on April 7, 2012, after being hit by a drunk snowboarder, straining her upper back and damaging her liver and kidneys. The suit also calls out owner Kirk Hanna for his 2010 DUI, saying that negligence is part of the game up at Portland's favorite night ski area, and demands a change to mountain protocol. The case is currently being argued in Multnomah County Circuit Court. Meanwhile, Skibowl sounds like a pretty good time.


2015 FWT announced--women, continental U.S., and Canada snubbed

The Freeride World Tour announced its 2015 schedule this week and, in a surprise move, Revelstoke, Kirkwood, and any other continental U.S. resort for that matter, were noticeably absent. After a weird season that saw one American venue lack requisite snow and another slide to the ground the day of the competition, the FWT decided to hedge its bets and add a stop in Andorra instead. The U.S. isn't entirely out of the competition, as a TBD Alaska, men-only stop was added for 2015, but it's kind of weird to see some of the bigger names in North America left off the list. Traditional stops at Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, Fieberbrunn, and Verbier remain on the tour.

Obama speaks park rat, is great

He may have been talking about snowboarding, but there's something about the Ruler of the Free World saying "back-to-back double cork 1260" that has to make you smile.