Week In Review: College Gone Wild

GoPro worth $100 million! Austrian ski resort on sale for 1 euro! Vail is one lawsuit closer to world domination!

Vail wins lawsuit over PCMR, now what?

It's finally (kind of) over. A Utah district court ruled Wednesday in favor of Vail Resorts and Talisker, giving Vail access to nearly two-thirds of the land on which Park City Mountain Resort operates. In 2011, PCMR was days late in filing to renew its lease with Talisker, which prompted the landowner to seek out another tenant—Vail Resorts. The Denver Post is calling it the biggest clerical error in ski resort history, and following the court’s ruling, PCMR must cede its land holdings above the base area to North America's biggest resort conglomerate. While Vail has won much of the terrain, PCMR still holds the base area and parking lots, making for a potentially endless stalemate over the resort's future. PCMR has vowed to appeal, but one can't help but feel Utah's most popular resort is slipping away.

Mitchell Brower posterizes, wins Level 1's Superunknown contest

Featured a few months back as half of the Brothers Brower crew, young Mitchell decided to take his freeski game to the bigtime and beat out nine other finalists to claim the 11th title in Level 1's popular web competition, Superunknown. After his Internet edit vaulted him to the Superunknown Finals, the Utah native was voted by the other finalists as the best dude on hill, earning one of those big cardboard checks and a spot in the new Level 1 flick this fall. Kudos, Mitch.

Also, let's send a shoutout to 12-year-old Elena Gaskell for winning the 2014 Spirit of Sarah Award and earning that free full ski package to Momentum Summer Camps this summer. Keeping up the good work.

GoPro sends it, files $100 million IPO

Yo nerds, GoPro just filed a $100 million IPO this week, which means that we're one step closer to owning a little piece of the company that sponsors our questionably lame YouTube edits. Raking in over $985 million last year, the camera maker is projected to keep growing and would enter the Nasdaq as "GPRO", making owner and former surf bum Nicholas Woodman a pretty rich cat overnight. Hard to believe it, but looks like goofy helmet cams might be making serious stock market waves in a matter of months.


Steve Stepp is punking us all

For those that don't know, Steve Stepp is an Internet genius. In addition to skiing his face off, the jaded freeskier has turned his disillusionment toward the ski industry into a career, creating some of the most satirical internet edits out there, and forcing us all to check our egos at the door. His newest installment, episode 3 of season 2, may be his best yet, poking fun at the industry, the media, and even a few (inspired) skiers. In fact, I'm pretty sure I spent a solid 30 seconds laughing at myself getting made fun of. I don't hate it.

Buy an Austrian ski resort for a Euro!

A ski resort in the Austrian region of Carinthia went up for sale at the staggering price of €1. The local tourism holding company that bought the resort for millions is now looking to dump the property at a—dare I say—massive discount. Petzenbahnen resort has 26 trails, a terrain park, and a beginner's school in addition to lodge facilities. The government is so afraid of this place going under that they're even offering €1.5 million in annual subsidies to keep it afloat and bring tourism cash to the area. Sounds sweet and all, but I have to wonder: What could I buy for €2?

Aspen reopens for Memorial Day Weekend

Don't call it a comeback, but Aspen is at it again, baby. After a few Colorado resorts extended their seasons in recent weeks, Party Mountain decided to crank the bullwheels one last time for loyal clientele in the valley. Ajax will spin all weekend for those who aren't ready to hang them up yet, making Aspen one of 10 resorts still skiing through Memorial Day. We ride this thing 'til the wheels fall off.

West Coast Sessions remixed
The session so nice, we cover it twice. Even Heath and Jasper Newton snagged some decent visuals during their week at Hood—take a looksie.


WARNING: This video will probably piss you off.

I wanted to rip these freshman bros from Vermont's Champlain College, but I just can't. Despite their brain-bruising debauchery, a more accurate picture of college life at a ski school has ne'er been painted. Beer-crushing, pumpkin-smashing, donut-spinning, mixed with occasional (and often costumed) skiing—it's like looking in the idiot mirror of semesters past. Seriously, I'm glad Instagram and Snapchat weren't a thing when I was a freshman. Good god.