Week in Review — Speedriders have officially lost their minds!

James Bond back on skis! Happy Birthday Torin! Powder Awards say WHAT?!

New speedriding film looks…umm…ridiculous
Speedriding, aka skiing's crazy, mind-warped cousin, has officially spun off into full-blown feature film life, and the result is terrifying. This week Red Bull Media House released a trailer for The Unrideables, a January release that takes some of the best speedriders in the world to untouched Alaskan steeps. If you think you're a badass, watching this trailer will induce some serious reevaluation of that claim.

And so does this…

Happy birthday Torin Yater-Wallace!
A big congrats to TYW, 13 is a very special age!

The new ski racing epic is upon us
Well this looks friggin' awesome—a cinematic production of the craziest race in alpine skiing, the celebrated Hahnenkamm. Headed to European theaters later this month, One Hell of a Ride is an inside look at the alpine culture that has shaped the world-renowned race and the titans that put it all on the line year in and year out for a shot at the podium. Putting this one on the Christmas list early.

James Bond is going skiing again
Oh thank Connery, it looks like the newest Bond flick, Spectre, will have a ski scene, making it the fifth installment to do so in the series' history. According to the Deutsche Welle, action will be shot on location in the Austrian Alps this winter (weather dependent, of course). I haven't watched a Bond movie in a while, but the possibility of Daniel Craig escaping a murderous terrain park train while shooting lasers from his GoPro might be enough to sell one extra movie ticket this time around.

Want to be a skier? There's a video for that
Apparently, while I was busy competing in America's favorite eating contest last Thursday, this video started sweeping the ski world. After watching it, I'll admit, I chuckled, but where's the Reed Speedman cameo when you need it?

Baby born unexpectedly in ski lodge
Topping this week's weird, a woman unexpectedly gave birth in a Michigan ski lodge while her husband made snow up on the ski hill. Kerry Gross went into labor at the Snow Snake Mountain lodge in Harrison, Michigan, around 9 a.m. last Friday, and with the help of the three lodge employees, popped out a healthy baby girl before an ambulance could arrive at the scene. This has to be one of the coolest starts to a ski legend ever, right? Once upon a time, in a ski lodge in Michigan…

Powder Video Awards are tonight!
The biggest awards show in skiing takes over Salt Lake tonight. Tune in to the live webcast from the Red Carpet at 6:30 p.m. This guy will be there, will you?