Week in Review: Surf Hawaii’s White Wave

Speak up on Utah's Mountain Accord, Vermont Weakend at a dairy farm, and a new snow-removal method you have to try

Lil' Jon Snow Clearing Co., at your service
Shovel out for what? You may hate his songs, but Lil' Jon Snow Clearing Co. gets the damn job done.

Speak now or hold your peace about Utah’s Mountain Accord
If you ski in Utah and love the Wasatch as much as we do, then now’s the time to speak up. A few weeks ago, the Mountain Accord—a collaboration of sorts between state and local governments, federal agencies, businesses, and grassroots groups—released the blueprint for the Future of the Wasatch. Reality says there are a lot of people who use this small, precious mountain range that is located so close to a massive metropolis. Knowing that public use and impact will only increase, the Mountain Accord hopes to manage that growth. This blueprint outlines a vision that encompasses four parts—open space, recreational trails, the economy, and transit. The latter seems to be biggest cherry of all, with a map outlining public transit that would connect the Salt Lake City valley to the Wasatch and all the way to Park City. Smog Lake City no more? That’s up to you. So speak up. Seriously, if you like it or don’t like it, no matter what you have to say, they want to hear it. Email your thoughts before March 16 to Comment@MountainAccord.com.

Pineapple express encounters a blast of Ullr in Hawaii
Forget the Northeast, the next mega storm is heading straight for… Hawaii. A pacific storm rolling through the tropical islands is bringing heavy rain, which means snow for the Big Island’s massive 13,000-foot-plus volcanic peaks, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a winter storm warning on Thursday, predicting a foot of snow above 12,000 feet by morning. While most of the island’s residents will be harbored inside, the Hawaii Ski Club will be surfing the white wave. Yes, you read that right, an organized group of skiers in Hawaii. The Hawaii Ski Club has been around since 1952 and has over 100 members.

Skiers, aim Google Earth to Hawaii's volcanos and scout those wintery descents. PHOTO: NASA

Skiers, aim Google Earth to Hawaii’s volcanos and scout those wintery descents. PHOTO: NASA

Vermont Weakend at a dairy farm
Fifty years ago, more than 80 small mom and pop hills set up rope tows across the state of Vermont. Today, that number is far and away less. But there’s still a few gems out there. Here’s an edit worth watching filmed on the rope tow at a Vermont dairy farm by Ian Compton, Shane McFalls, and the Yoke Collection.

Trends that need to stop: Cliff selfies at ski areas
For the second time in three weeks, a cliff-top selfie went horribly awry, this time sending a British schoolboy 1,640 feet off a cliff in the Austrian Alps. Miraculously the boy only suffered minor bumps and bruises after plummeting off the peak of Mount Scharek. I call it quits after casing a 20-footer and this kid walks away from a casual 1,640-foot ragdoll? Mutant!

Motorcycle skijoring sweeping the globe
Thank you Red Bull, we've been looking for a new sport and we've finally found it: Professional skitching. I actually guess that this is technically considered skijoring? Who knew.

Cheesy music video vaults U.S. Nordic Team to World Championship podium
We've already hammered the FIS hype music video, and I was so ready to jump on this U.S. Nordic Team/Bruno Mars collaborative disaster, but then the unthinkable happened: The Team went out and absolutely crushed World Championships in Falun, Sweden, taking two podium places in the 10km freestyle and a fourth in the team event. Looks like filming awful music videos is an excellent form of training for podium finishes, just ask Tina Maze.