Week in Review — Down Goes Bode!

Ski racing mic'd up! ONE Wasatch, DONE Wasatch? What's a 69 flip?!

Bill O'Reilly thinks skiers are dumb
Well, well, well—good try Bill. In an effort to lampoon the X Games crowd, Mr. O'Reilly sends his faithful sidekick Jesse Watters to ask inane history questions to just about anyone willing to answer. While the responses are egregiously idiotic, he really only interviews one skier the whole segment. Pit Viper guy, you nailed it, thank you. America!

A different street skiing segment out of Detroit
It was an epic troll. Then the cops showed up.

Ski racing gets mic'd up
Well this is fricking cool. The New York Times created an audio piece about ski racing and it has to be one of the most unique ways our sport has ever been explored and portrayed. If you needed any more proof that racers are absolute badasses, here it is.

But if you do need more…
Bode Miller's crash this week was kind of terrifying. If you have a strong stomach, the resulting gash is pretty intense, too.

I need this Mount Hood pint glass
Because beer and mountains should always be together, not just on Coors Light cans.

J.P. Auclair fundraiser is live
In honor of the late great J.P. Auclair, an online auction for the Auclair Fund and Auclair's charitable brainchild, Alpine Initiatives, kicked off this week, featuring an emotional video tribute by Sherpas Cinema. The auction proceeds benefit Auclair's partner and son, Ingrid and Leo, along with Alpine Initiatives and features items like signed J.P. memorabilia and Alpine Initiatives gear.

ONE Wasatch put on ice?
The Utah mega-resort proposal, ONE Wasatch, may have met a premature death this week after an initiative called Mountain Accord was announced Wednesday. The initiative, which is powered by local governments, ski resorts, and environmentalists, proposes a mass transit plan for the canyons that will rely on buses and trains while keeping ski areas within their existing boundaries. For now it's just an agreement between stakeholders, but with county and city government approval, Mountain Accord could be set in motion as early as April.

Fresh Trick Friday: The flip no one ever wanted
Nobody said progression was going to be pretty, but in this case, it's downright raunchy. Thank you for pushing the sport, and umm, each other, guys.