Week In Review — Get Your Brain Massage

Celebs go naked skiing! Olympic dogs of Instagram! SLOW sign flippers!

Nipwitz gives Brain Massage

The hard-charging Euros presented us with a farewell gift to wrap up 2015—their first full-length film, and their last body of work under the Nipwitz moniker. No word on what the future holds in store for the boys from Finland, but after watching Brain Massage, there are sure to be some calls for an encore.

Mountain dogs move over, the climbing cat is here

Picking lines up mini FFAs at Stansbury.

A video posted by Craig Armstrong (@pechanga) on

What!? Cats are cool? Weird. Also kind of weird, this guy has an entire Instagram dedicated to his climbing cat. The Internet is a strange place.

Chelsea Handler dumps 'em out on ski vacation

Instagram's sworn nemesis Chelsea Handler nearly shut down the Internet this week when she let her snow puppies roam free during a recent ski vacation. The move is the latest stunt by the outspoken comedian, as she continues to rage a nudity battle with everyone's favorite picture sharing app. I'm not really sure what the desired outcome is, but I'd say we're all winners here.

Gus Kenworthy's dogs all on Instagram like you heard about

Gus learning from Jake.

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I know you've all been dying to know what happened to that pack of stray dogs Olympic silver medalist Gus Kenworthy adopted during his time in Russia last season, but fear not, now you can stay up-to-the-minute informed on the Kenworthy canine clan thanks to its very own Instagram page. Turns out the little pooches live a pretty sweet double life, hanging with Kenworthy in the offseason and then staying with a caretaker when the Telluridian is out winning the Dew Tour and stuff. Ah, the life of a ski dog.

Woman dies in fall from Hunter Mountain lift

In a scary, freak accident a woman died this week after falling from a lift at New York's Hunter Mountain. According to CBS New York, 44-year-old Olga Filkin caught her skis on a support pole and fell 25 feet off of Hunter's D Lift, sustaining fatal injuries. Thoughts go out to Filkin's family and the Hunter community.

Silverton skier dies in avalanche
Durango’s Olivia Buchanan died on Tuesday after being caught in an avalanche at Silverton, Colorado. This marks Colorado’s second avalanche fatality this week. Our thoughts go out to Buchanan’s friends and family. May she rest in peace.

SLOW sign front flip

A whole new approach to the safe zone.