Week in Review — Metallica Launches Ski Line!

Post ski photos with your nose! Canadians make a music video! Boston avy danger!

Metallica Launching Ski Line
From hard rock to heavy rocker, Metallica announced that it will be teaming with Armada next season to bring two pairs of collaborative skis to the market. Three of the bands four members are snowsports enthusiasts, according to an Armada blog post, so the collaboration of the minds isn’t as outlandish as we might have thought. Both Armada’s Invictus 95Ti and the JJ 2.0 will feature Metallica-inspired graphics and are available for pre-order now.

All-time Ski Music Video
It's kind of like that catchy OK Go video, if OK Go filmed at Fernie, learned to play the banjo, and skied sweet straight skis. Holy tracking shot, Batman.

Balken, Hindert, and Oliver Head Back to Stomping Grounds
There's no place like home—especially when that home is Utah's Big Cottonwood Canyon. Despite traveling the world and living the ski dream, Eric Balken, Eliel Hindert, and Carston Oliver—who grew up shredding Brighton and the surrounding backcountry—threw it back for their hometown hill in their latest edit, Stomping Grounds.

Avalanche Warning for the City of Boston
Ok, maybe not really, but one avalanche forecaster had a bit of fun with the dumps dropping on the Bean, proclaiming that they are, "Experiencing massive slides into already shoveled sidewalks and roads, and people are absolutely losing their minds!" It doesn't appear to be a substantiated claim, and it doesn't seem to have slowed skiers in downtown Boston. That's a wicked kickah, kehd.

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Tanner is Hall'n
Tanner Hall's new series, Hall'n, kicked off this week, and I'm pumped to see these roll out on a semi-regular basis. T-Hall still has a trick or two in that rasta sack of his, and it's hard to deny his pillow prowess. Jah Bless.

Post Instagrams With your Nose. Ullr, Save Our Souls
Social media addiction has led us to this, people. Having trouble posting your day on the slopes to a social media outlet of choice? No fear, now you can do it with your nose thanks to Nose Post. Not sure if this is real, pretty sure it is, but either way I had to take a good hard look at myself in the mirror and promise myself that I will NOT download that app. Well, at least not this week.

LED Surfing Just Stole Afterglow's Thunder
Afterglow may still be the best LED action sports movie we've ever seen, but surfing crazy Moroccan barrels with little more light than an illuminated board might just be the craziest thing on the Internet this week.

Ryanair Responds Well to Phallic Photography
Well, when your company's snow "dick pic" goes viral, there are only a couple of ways to respond to it, and I think European airline Ryanair might have something here: "While our ground crew excel at industry leading 25-minute turnarounds, art isn't their forte, as they've clearly forgotten to draw wings on their snow airplane." And that's how you stomp the landing.