Week In Review — Australian Watermelon Skiing!

Snowbird bans uphillers! Cliff selfie fails! Ski jump records!

How much snow you got, Boston?
Enough already.

Ski jumping world record shattered...twice!
From Sam Smoothy's baller FWT run to Mikaela Shiffrin's gold at World Championships, there have been plenty of amazing competition results this week, but perhaps the most notable result was in ski jumping, where a world record was smashed twice in as many days by two separate skiers. Slovenian Peter Prevc broke the impossible mark of 250 meters Saturday, but was outdone just a day later by Norway's Anders Fannemel, who flew to 251.1 meters. Homeboy nearly took it to flat--you need to watch this.

Jim Cantore loves snow more than you.
What you know about thundersnow?! Stoke is high.

No more uphill traffic at Snowbird
Contrary to Magic Mountain's uphill renovations, Snowbird has decided to eliminate uphill traffic, and do so in its entirety. The decision came after the area deemed the influx of uphill travelers unsafe, but lists renting a guide as a caveat. Hmm.

Australian watermelon skiing? Yup.
Aussies are weird. I dig it.

Science says fat skis may be killing your knees
Turns out those fatty, quadruple-rockered, 135mm underfoot PowSmashers are doing more than just looking ridiculous in the lift line--they could be killing your knees. According to an associate health and human development professor at Montana State University, skis over 80mm underfoot put an unhealthy amount of stress on knee and ankle joints when used on hard snow. The study also suggests that the enlongated turning radius of powder skis may also have adverse affects on joints. Looks like the skinny ski movement just got a little more ammo. The revolution is nigh.

Daniel Tisi is (still) better than you
Have to love Jackson Hole's Daniel Tisi. At 16 years old he's skied stuff we only dream about and is hucking his meat off features way above his pay grade. Even still, his newest edit sheds light on life as a teenager, along with a decent amount of good skiing. From classroom, to park, to big mountain, Mr. Tisi is kind of a big deal. Take notes, folks.

Man falls off cliff trying to take ski ‘selfie’
Darwin nearly struck again this week, as a man fell off a 250-foot cliff while reportedly taking a 'selfie' at Grand Targhee Resort. James Garner snuck underneath a resort boundary rope to snap a pic of himself and the iconic Teton Range, but unwittingly felled a cornice and triggered a slab avalanche that swept him 1,000 feet downhill. Miraculously, the dude survived and was responsive shortly after. There is still no word on how many 'likes' his latest post received, but I'm guessing it's not enough to pay for his hospital bill.