'Always Sunny' in ski country
The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia crew announced their 11th season with a ski montage that hits all the right B-Movie notes.


"FKNSNDR" with the Bridger Brigade
I've been daring these guys to put out a bad edit, but they just refuse to take me up on it.


Holiday Wishlist: Pass the Smoke-a-bowl hoodie
Finally, the intersection of fashion and functional recreational drug use that we never actually needed. Move aside chairlift vaporizer pen, it's time for the Smoke-a-bowl hoodie—the world's first sweatshirt with a built in vaporizer. In a move of unprecedented ingenuity, marijuana apparel company Vaprwear has snuck a vaporizer into the strings of its hoodie, allowing for pothead pow hounds to get high on their own concealed supply. Because there's nothing like a little sticky icky to really stick that tricky…or something like that.


Meanwhile, in China…
Because sometimes snow inspires powder turns, and other times it inspires massive snow portraits of Marilyn Monroe. Keep it weird, Middle Kingdom.

I see your snowman, and I raise you a...

I see your snowman, and I raise you a…


Trick Tips: The human potpourri
If you're looking to get that fresh pine smell by getting pine needles stuck in every crack in your body, then this is the way to go. If you're looking to tap a tree and ride away, this probably isn't the method you're looking for.


New England resorts inflating lift ticket prices
It seems like something we’d all yell, “Ya DUH,” at, but apparently there is now a study indicating that New England ski resorts are inflating lift ticket prices by up to 30 percent. A report released by ski lift ticket service No Boundaries indicates that Upper East Coast resorts’ ticket prices should be increasing every year, but that prices have jumped exponentially rather than incrementally over the past 15 years. Area ticket prices averaged $44 in 2001, and according to their research (implementing the growing market and the strength of the economy), prices for this season should be around $59. With the average hovering around $75, it can be argued that were missing that mark by a mountaintop burger and beer of margins.


Don’t sleep on Sean Jordan
More Side B goodness from the STEPT/TGR crew.


Salt Lake introduces UberSki
Throwing its hat in the Utah airport-to-skiing transportation ring, uber started offering ski-specific rides from Salt Lake City this week. Dubbed uberSKI, the uber service employs AWD vehicles with ski racks to deliver ski bums and bumettes from airport or home to hill and has the same pricing as uber or uberX (with a nominal $4 surcharge). Uber has partnered with Backcountry.com on its first sports-specific campaign, even employing Powder Awards winners Sierra Quitiquit and Angel Collinson to get the word out there. Don't worry uber, you had me at après.