Week in Review — Whistler Bans Smoking!

Third person skiing! J.P. Memorial edit! Canadians go kooky!

Toke your business elsewhere: Whistler bans smoking
I didn't realize this was possible, but effective May 31, Whistler will ban smoking of marijuana, cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, and fancy meats (the last has yet to be verified) anywhere on resort premise including the chairlift, parking lots and Earl's sundeck. Stoners are outraged and are planning to take action…you know…eventually.

Someone found winter
Tim Swartz is tired of hearing how bad your winter was.

Burrrlapz in the backcountry
If you're not tuned into the Burrrlapz crew yet, consider this your polite slap in the face.

Legal action over Eldora ski expansion
Denver-area ski resort Eldora may be in a heap of hurt after environmental activists filed a 69-page objection regarding the mountain's proposed expansion onto National Forest Land. Middle Boulder Creek Coalition and the Sierra Club Indian Peaks Group headline a group of detractors that want to stop the 70-acre expansion and addition of a detachable six-pack chair.

Would you play 3rd person skiing?
This has to be one of the weirder games in skiing, right? Virtual reality, reality. Progression has hit new weirds. Thanks, guys.

The Bunch drops J.P. Memorial edit
The Bunch captured all the action from The J.P. Memorial in Riksgränsen, Sweden a few weeks back and gifted us with a solid little edit that I think the man himself would be proud of.

Canadians, am I right?
Play nice, boys.