Week in Review: Welcome to the Groomer Rodeo

Skiing babies! Real Skifi goes bro! Cross country carnage!

Respect the Leo Taillefer game
He may not be Candide smooth, but Leo Taillefer is one Frenchie that should not be ignored. We have the video evidence—this dude is insane.

Check out this groomer-turned-mechanical-bull creation
Well that's one way to have fun during après. Never underestimate Groomer Gary. EVER.

Joffrey Pollet-Villard smashes halfpipe height record
Frenchman Joffrey Pollet-Villard officially outdid Peter Olenick (#throwback) this week, launching 48 feet and three inches above the deck to officially become the highest flying man in halfpipe skiing. Looking forward to seeing this guy back in the X Games picture next year—should be a doozy.

This baby skis better than you
This 18-month-year-old has a better season edit than just about anyone on the West Coast. Okay, so he's Dave Treadway's son—unfair advantage.

Real SkiFi goes bro
I have always been a fan of the creativity Real Skifi brings to the table. Honestly, turning urban into a playground is kind of a ridiculous feat, no matter how you spin it. That being said, their latest video is the epitome of 'bro' and I'm just not sure if I can support it. Frisbee golf? Slackline grinds? All that this edit needs is a Dave Matthews Band track and a Birkenstock sponsorship and we might finally bring freeskiing into the Frat Hall of Fame.

Hannah Kearney wins globe and drops the mic
In addition to Lindsey Vonn extending her World Cup downhill wins record, Hannah Kearney ensured that America had the best week ever by capturing her ninth and 10th World Cup globe, yes count 'em 10 globes, World Cup globe in moguls. The win ended up being a fitting swan song, as the Vermont native decided to valet her skis and officially announce her retirement after dominating the World Cup mogul scene for nearly a decade and tying the overall record for most career mogul victories with fellow American Donna Weibrecht.

Cross country carnage
Got to love a good nordic crash, and this remix is just so right. Thank you, Internet.