Week in Review: Vail Banning Marijuana?!

Trio Backflips! Chairlift Tinder! J.P.'s musical memorial!

Vail bans pot in most pot-friendly state in the U.S.

The town of Vail passed preliminary measures to outlaw the sticky icky from its green pastures, making it the first resort town to do so in Colorado. After a town council member proposed a ban on marijuana retail on July 7, a second meeting this week OK'd the town to move forward on banning the stores permanently. A final vote will be held August 4. Meanwhile, Summit County resorts await the pot-hungry exodus with open arms.

Skiing Svalbard, the Land of Badasses

Polar bears, rifles, bottomless fjords, midnight sun--well, Svalbard seems a little intense. POWDER Senior Photographer Adam Clark put together a video about a ski journey to the far reaches of the North, and it's nothing short of stunning. No music necessary.

Chairlift dating app is real(ly scary)

Tinder not getting the job done? No worries, you might be in luck. For all of those looking to get their Squirrel Murphy gondola game on, there is a Kickstarter out there for a chairlift dating app called Snowflake. Don't believe me? Watch the video. This is 2015, people. The future is terrifying.

New ski mag coming to Canada

Just a few weeks after SBC Skier abruptly shuttered its doors, a majority of its editorial team has risen from the proverbial ashes to birth a new print magazine according to Newschoolers.com. Jeff Schmuck and Travis Persaud have teamed up with King Publishing out of Toronto to announce a new, and as of yet unnamed, magazine project to debut at this year’s iF3 Festival. Expect four issues from the crew’s maiden voyage, along with a promise that print is indeed not dead.

East Coast Superpark went b-a-n-a-n-a-s

The snowbanks have finally melted, but that doesn't mean the East Coast is done just yet. Ski the East launched their Carinthia Superpark edit this week, and we have a whole new batch of young rippers to put on the watch list. Give these kids a money booter and a rail setup, and the edit will practically film itself.

Musical Tribute to J.P. Auclair

Everyone deals with tragedy in their own way. For Marc-André Belliveau, a man who has endured many, the healing process includes music. The freeskier paralyzed from the waist down in a backcountry accident in 2006 dedicated his newest song to the late, great, JP Auclair, and it's pretty damn cool. Thanks for sharing, Marc-André.

Proposed heli-ski lodge causing stir in Revelstoke

Revy is less than stoked after a local mountain lodge applied to run heliski operations in its backyard this week. According to the Revelstoke Review, Hansford Land Corporation built a five-bedroom mansion under the assumption it would just build a single-family dwelling, and is now applying to build a helipad in its backyard and have the property rezoned as a luxury heliski operation. It's a bit of a backdoor tactic from the development company, but we'll have to wait and see if they’ve just started Heli Wars 2015. This could get ugly.

World's first trio backflip

Because what else are you going to do at the end of glacier season?