Winter X headed back to Europe?
According to an article on, the European Winter X Games could be resurrected as early as this coming winter, moving from Tignes, France to Oslo, Norway. Oslo City Council declared a majority vote Thursday in favor of hosting the event in 2016, but before an official agreement can be reached, ESPN and Norway TV leader TV2 must come to terms. Still, this is positive progress in bringing the freeskiing's biggest event back across the pond.

Ted Ligety owes his race style to…Tai Chi?
So if it isn't the darndest thing, but Ted Ligety may owe some of his World Cup success to a Tai Chi guru from Michigan. According to a self-produced video by said guru, a Mr. Tommy Kirchoff helped teach Ted Ligety his unique GS form during a US Team-sponsored Tai Chi session back in 2003. I know it's probably longer than most our attention spans are willing to handle, but I promise seeing this guy's rational through to fruition is worth the Internet time. Tai Chi World Cup inception!

Newest double in freeskiing
Who said it's skiers that need to be doing the flips? This is the new double, and it's pretty neat.

Zermatt bans Saint Bernard selfies
Switzerland's legendary mountain resort announced this week that taking selfies with the area's iconic mountain dogs will no longer be tolerated, officially banning the practice. After receiving pressure from animal rights groups, Zermatt has deemed posing with the pooches as 'animal cruelty' and will punish all perpetrators with an immediate unfriending. Harsh.

Would you ski the Sawtooth Sickle?
Well that's a tight little shot there, guy.

Japanese ski spa prank is pretty damn good
Nothing like the old bait and switch.