Week In Review — Sweden goes McSkiing!

Resort rent-a-drone! Stair skiing! Mikaela Shiffrin busts a move!

Sweden makes McSki

So Swedish resort Lindvallen is really pushing the food-on-the-go envelope with a ski-up McDonald's restaurant, but am I the only one who sees this as a double black diamond dining experience? Takeout food in a whiteout sounds miserable, not to mention a tad dangerous while navigating the cat track with a bowl of fried mashed potatoes. Who knows, maybe the Happy Meal comes with hand warmers and a Jerry of the Day prevention kit, but until then consider me content with my pocket PBnJ.

Canada elected a ski bum to prime minister

Well whoop-de-do, it looks like America's hat is cooler than we thought, toppling its long-standing conservative leadership in favor of a former ski bum that lived in a van outside Whistler. Okay, so he may be carved from the cloth of a former prime minister father, but newly elected prime minister Justin Trudeau spent a year planted in Whistler, where he taught snowboarding as a young pup before deciding leading a country was more up his alley. May it be known here first, après on the Earl's sundeck and late nights at Tommy Africa's do indeed groom the leaders of the free world.

Traveling Circus is back, China edition

If you need to get your glade and pow skiing fix, Pettit dropped a solid effort this week, but in another out-of-bounds adventure, the Traveling Circus steals the show this week with their trip to China and Korea. Not a whole lot of corn snow or anything soft for that matter in the Far East, but funky skiing and a whole lot of culture packed into 17 distracting minutes. Oh, and Andy even pets an Asian snowcat, imagine that.

Heliski from Beaver Creek to the San Juans

For those aching to turn wads of cashes into powder stashes, one heli outfit is sponsoring an off piste epic you might want to put on your bucket list. If the Beaver Creek corduroy isn't cutting it for you, don't fret, Telluride Helitrax will pick you up from the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek and fly a couple hundred miles south for a day of heliskiing in the (not-so-nearby) San Juans. Nevermind the $12,000 daily price tag, that's chump change for a mogul like you, and just imagine the bragging rights at the bar…

The weirdest halfpipe video…ever?

Thank you, Japan, for bumping up the weird factor and giving us the strangest stunt ditch edit of all time.

Gondola string quartet is so Vail it hurts

I know it's a cheeky video, but having half an orchestra in a cable car is just what I picture a normal day at Vail to be like. Also, pretty sure I hate string quartets.

Øystein Bråten has silly park skills

They don't call Øystein Bråten an urban ski pro for nothing. This kid eats death cookies for breakfast and makes your 2015 season edit look vanilla.

Resorts introduce rent-a-drones

Hold onto your corduroy, folks, the future of skiing is here and you might not like it. While a slew of Colorado resorts are working to establish legislation against the use of personal drones on premises, a handful of ski areas are getting an edge up on competition by introducing a drone rental program. Flying at a resort near you (including Timberline, Copper, Powder Mountain, and Fernie, among others) the autonomous drones will follow their 'masters' down the fall line for a pretty $100-200-a-day penny.

Mountains are open, this bro doesn't care

Welcome to Mount Stairmaster. No high-speed quads here, just one ski bro that doesn't give a tuck.