Week in Review — Ski Resort Robbery Goes To S#%t!

Deep pow diving! Canadian moose riding! Jumbo Glacier on ice!

B.C. government puts Jumbo Glacier on ice
The troubled mega-resort decades in the making may have finally met its match this week, as B.C. provincial government announced the area's environmental assessment certificate has expired. In order for Jumbo to continue, it must reapply for a certificate and essentially, "start from scratch" according to CTV News Vancouver. Game, blouses?

Bernhard Braun—professional snorkel skier
Bernhard Braun had a pretty decent season from the looks of it. Europe to Japan and back again, Ze German did it right in 2014-2015.

Man poo-poos Quebec ski resort
Sometimes simple theft isn't enough. Sometimes you have to leave a statement. Or at least such was the rational of a Quebec man who robbed Edelweiss Ski Resort over the weekend and then proceeded to leave a rather stinky homemade calling card with administration. After defecating on the office floor, the man fled back to his house with cash, alcohol, and boxes of chocolate (aka the essentials), where he was deemed s#%t out of luck and promptly apprehended by local police.

Ex-White House Executive Chef dies on Taos hike
A multi-day search came to a tragic end as the body of former White House chef Walter Scheib was found Sunday in a drainage near a hiking trail at Taos Ski Valley. The 61-year-old, who rose to fame as Hilary Clinton's chosen chef throughout the late 1990s, is believed to have been hiking alone at the time of his disappearance. He had moved to Taos a few months prior after living in Atlanta for nearly a decade.

Ski jump waterslide looks kind of fun
Silly Texas, water ramps are for skiers! All right, all right, sign me up.

Warplane sends ski jump
Texas isn't the only one hitting ski jumps these days, as earlier this week an advanced warplane practiced hitting a money booter at Naval Air Station in Patuxent River, Maryland. The plane, the new F-35B, is to be used on short takeoffs from British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, launching off a "land-based ski-jump" according to The Aviationist. While it may be lacking in the pop department, the new F-35B is rumored to feature some serious air-time.
Wow, good thing I'm not getting paid for airplane jokes, yeesh.

So you've never seen a drunk Canadian ride a moose?
Well, now you have.