Week In Review — Ski Man!

Totally Bogus Basin! Matterhorn madness! Friday feel-good!

Ski man shreds in full body ‘buggy suit’
If you’re only using two skis at a time, heaven forbid just one, you’re doing it wrong. Jean Yves Blondeau, formerly known as Roller Man, has invented the perfect set up for those too lazy to stand while skiing. The Buggy Ski Suit allows Blondeau to be dressed in skis from head to toe. Skis on his knees, skis on his forearms, chest, back, hands, and feet. Seeing this in action, we may have to make some serious edits to our 2017 Gear Guide.

Ski resort tests glow-in-the-dark suits
Bogus Basin ski school staff members tested LED-lit suits in 23 inches of new snow early this week. Powder day plus super suits? Into it. Sound familiar? It’s probably because you saw Sweetgrass Productions’ ‘Afterglow,’ released in 2014. See it here for more night, light, and skiing.

What's Bogus is that I don't own one of these. Yet. PHOTO: Bogus Basin
What’s Bogus is that I don’t own one of these. Yet. PHOTO: Bogus Basin

Skier killed in Whistler tree well
Sad news out of BC this week where a 33-year-old woman was found dead in a tree well on Blackcomb. The woman was skiing with her husband when they became separated on a treed area of the mountain. Director of Northwest Avalanche Institute Paul Baugher researches snow immersion deaths and how to prevent them and calls tree wells an “under appreciated risk.” Learn how to prevent snow immersion suffocation.

Mystery man skis the Matterhorn
British news site Daily Mail shared a video of an unidentified skier who captured his descent of the incredibly steep Matterhorn mountain this week. One of the highest summits in Europe, the half Italian, half Swiss peak stands at at 14,692 feet. Someone get this guy some fancy cheese.

Your ‘Friday Feel-good’ brought to you by ‘Sun Valley Serenade’
The romantic drama ripe with skiing and musical numbers set in snowy Idaho was released in 1941 and still has enough charm to make you pine for a pair of straight skis—and a mint julep, cause it’s the freakin’ weekend. Get on some snow!

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