Week In Review — Ski Like An Animal This Season!

Chairlift of Shame! Canadian pillow fight! Get Wild in West Virginia!

Skiing's Cash Cab: Meet the Trivia Lift
Last chair is cool, first chair is better, but how about a chair that pays you hard cash at the top? Such is the plan of Coloradan Kelly Robinson on a proposed new gameshow called the Trivia Lift. According to his Kickstarter, Robinson will ask contestants a series of questions on a random ski lift in Colorado and, a la Cash Cab, people will be rewarded for correct answers in greenbacks (no, that's not a weed reference, Colorado, relax). Perhaps the funniest part of this endeavor is that if contestants get three answers wrong they have to ride the "Chairlift of Shame", taking the lift all the way back down to the base with nothing but I-70 traffic to look forward to. Can't wait to see this happen.

Shred porn: Canadian pillow fighting
Way better than normal pillow fighting.

Fashion Alert: Animal Face Masks are here
Move over animal print t-shirts and facekinis, we have a new ski fashion icon in town: Enter the Animal Face Mask. A 22-year-old Russian tattoo artist is releasing her inner party animal on the ski world this season with a collection of face covers that range from foxes to pandas to adorable kittens, because what says skiing like a 6-foot grown man dressed as a zoo animal? Me-ow.

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Winter is here! Who is spinning lifts?
California: Yes
Colorado: Yes
Maine: Yes
Vermont: Yes
Montana: Yes
British Columbia: Almost
West Virginia: Sort of?

Word of Bird
A little dose of wisdom from skiing's spirit animal never hurt anybody. After a trying season in Chamonix that involved saying goodbye to good friends and a harrowing speed wing crash, Bird takes a second to reflect.

Bad week for U.S. Women's Ski Team
Shortly after Lindsey Vonn was attacked by her dog (an injury that required stitches but won't knock her out of opening races in Aspen later this month), downhill dynamo Julia Mancuso had hip surgery Wednesday and will miss the entirety of the 2015-2016 World Cup season. The four-time Olympian and 2006 GS gold medalist is the latest casualty on a battered women's World Cup circuit that has eight of the 11 medal winners in the 2014 Olympics missing in action.

It's Faction Collective season!
Screw Starbucks Red Cup Season, it's time for Faction Collective Season. Season 3 Episode 1 coming in hot from South America. Andale!