Week in Review — Ski Crash Psychic!

Alta goes booter crazy! Superproof is back! Why Nashville ski bar, why?!

Woman claims to have extraordinary mental powers following ski accident
Yes, you read the headline correctly. After suffering a concussion in a ski fall, an American woman claims to have developed extraordinary mental powers, is now able to draw any room or space from her past in alarmingly accurate detail. The condition is known as "acquired savant syndrome", and usually occurs after sudden nervous system injuries. I was kind of hoping to read she'd figured out how to walk through walls or levitate, but powers iz powers, am I right?

New Superproof trailer is out and the bar has been raised
Sean Pettit's production company seems to grown even more over the past season, according a to a trailer for their fall 2015 release, The Masquerade. Joining Sean and crew is a new group of all stars including Torin Yater-Wallace, Richard Permian, and Mark Abma, in what promises to at the very least be the most original release of the season. Besides the trailer, the crew is also dropping periodic webisodes with a little more skiing and a little less everything else.

Booter Season: Frank World Ski Classic hits Alta.
Nine Knights went off with a bang, but the real booter story comes out of Alta, where the 53rd annual Frank World Classic took center stage over the weekend. Babes, booters, beers, and enough screamin' semen's to prevent an entire generation of ski bum babies—what more could you ask for?

Nashville opens ski themed bar
Some good ideas should remain just that…well…ideas. A few entrepreneurial restauranteurs have decided that Nashville aka the birthplace of country music is the perfect place for a ski bar, opening up Embers Ski Lodge this past Tuesday. The bar, which is said to be inspired by the Ajax lift at Aspen and a spring skiing deck party at Val D'Isere, was built to mimic a ski lodge, complete with rustic indoor fireplace and probably some goofy trail signs on the wall or something. Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?

French people are funny too
These guys look like they’re having fun, and I fully support it. Party on, Wayne.

U.S. Ski Team and Westminster renew student athlete program
USSA and Salt Lake City's Westminster College announced the continuation of their unique student athlete program for at least the next four years. The program, which affords athletes a free college education and flexible scheduling around competition seasons, has been a key component in keeping skiing for the national team a viable option for student athletes, so the move is a big win for gold medal hopefuls everywhere.