The pond skim of all pond skims
Yup, pond skimming will never be the same. Alaska just doing it bigger than everyone else, per usual.

Ski community loses four in Idaho plane crash
Tragedy struck the Tetons this week as four respected members of the Teton Valley outdoors community died in a plane crash near Challis, Idaho. A.J. Linnell, Andy Tyson, Rusty Cheney, and John H. Short were assessing the possibility of installing a solar or wind power station on Short's ranch land when their Cessna T210M crashed and caught fire. The remembrance pages for A.J., Andy, and Rusty on Facebook serve testament to a group of men that lived and breathed the mountain life to the fullest. We send our best to the amazing Teton Valley community.

Best XC Ski Vid Ever? 'One of Those (Nordic) Days'
We spend a better part of our time bashing nordic skiers with their goofy spandex and skinny skis, but I'm pretty sure they just one-upped us with a CANDIDE PARODY. What you know about One of Those Nordic Days?! Impressive stuff from the nordorks.

A different winter point of view
If it was a bad snow year, someone forgot to tell Edward Dujardin. The Western State Freeride coach seemed to have an okay time, but maybe he's just an optimist?

Snowboarder stomps quad cork, but is he the best?
British snowboarder Billy Morgan landed a backside quadruple cork 1800 at Mottolino Resort in Italy this week, pushing the envelope just that much further (take that, future spin!). But is just a poseur? Thanks to the Internet it looks like aerialist Frank Bare may have been the OG of quads way back in 1983. Sorry snowboarding, Mr. Bare's shaved sideburns don't know how to finish in second place.

The comeback kid: Mount Baker reopens!
After a winter of heartbreak in the Pacific Northwest, there was a glimmer of hope this week, as pow town all-star Mount Baker reopened this week. Two new feet of snow got the bullwheel spinning this week and promise of more stormy weather has many in the Upper Left thinking things might not be over just yet.

Jamie-Crane Mauzy suffers brain injury at AFP Championships
Scary times in Whistler at the AFP World Championships this week when 22-year-old Jamie-Crane Mauzy suffered a traumatic brain injury during her second slopestyle run. So far there isn't much info on the extent of her injuries, but after going into a medically induced coma, the Park City native was awake and responsive on Wednesday. Stay #MoCrazyStrong, Jamie.

In happier AFP news, Gus Kenworthy and Devin Logan wrapped up the men's and women's AFP overall titles, respectively. Congrats, guys.